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Rachel A
Will my shingles comes back?
2 months ago i had shingles, small patch on my back that the doctor confirmed it was. now my neice has chicken pox - just a norm thing for children - but can i get shingles again?

shingles are product of herpes virus. very bad

I had shingles about 10 years ago I have just got over another bout of them

Septic Peg
Shingles can come back, Although it IS possible to catch Chicken pox more than once, its happened to people i know.

Veronica S
Hi Rachel I had shingles about three years ago and was told they will always come back, I havent had another show years and I have friends that have only had it once. No one understands the unbearable itch and the constant pain you suffer with shingles, its like a toothache in your back and on your chest 24 hours a day. I remember crying every night as it was so hard to sleep. Please do not touch your niece or use anything she uses like a towel or face washer please contact your pharmacist/chemist they will give you more advice.
I wish you well and hope you never get this horrible virus again.

its not very common but yes you can if you are run down or a weak motabolism i have had them five times and my kids had chicken pox 3 times each xx

Shingles can come back because the chicken pox virus that causes shingles hides out forever in our bodies after we catch chicken pox. There isn't any sure way of knowing IF or WHEN shingles might ever happen to you again. The best that we know is that anything that stresses your immune system, like getting sick, being depressed, cancer, different kinds of drugs, injuries, etc. can "trigger" another shingles attack. Also, over 50% of cases in which shingles come back happen in people over 60 years old. The younger that you are , the less likely you'll be troubled by them. And, by the time you are 60, we'll have cured shingles. : )

Yes, once you have had them they can re-appear, but if you have been given a good antibiotic 2 mos. ago, the chances are slim that chicken pox from another person would cause them.

Dr Frank
You cannot catch shingles from chicken pox, shingles is due to reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus, rather than re-infection. Unfortunately we do not develop immunity and it is possible to have shingles a number of times.

You can catch chickenpox from shingles however, and you can only get chickenpox once.

'Dr Greene'

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