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We went to the dr. earlier today and they gave him medicine for the flu, he's been drinking liquids, and taking tylenol, but it doesn't seem to be helping....

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 I think i caught the flu?
I have the chills, i am nauseous, but am not throwing up, and i get light headed and dizzy really easily. Idk if i have a fever. Does this sound like the flu to you?
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i ...

 Do I have the flu, or a cold?
Here are my symptoms..

- Headache around my whole head
- Pain in my ears [kind of like an ear ache]
- Aches in my arms, legs, back.. and well alot of places
- Mild sore ...

 A 21yr old female college student comes to the er complaining of fever and headache. The doctor finds that the
patient can't move her neck. The student reports that she has been living in a crowded dormitory. What is the correct diagnosis?

A. Encephalitis
B. Meningitis
C. Epilepsy

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 Fever question?
what is better to do sweat out a fever or take cloths off. this is for a baby that is 18 months old
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thank you all for your help i called the doc on friday and they ...

Why is 7up good for you when your sick?
Whenever I get sick, I'm given 7up and told it's good for me when I'm sick. What about 7up would help with getting better from bugs like flu?

that's a lie!!who is telling you this?7up isn't medicine!the only carbonated drink doctors admit is the coke drink in diarheea...

I have never heard this before.

7up isn't good for you. Especially when you're sick. NO soda is EVER good 4 U. Who told U that?

It makes no difference. Sodas like that are easier on a sore throat, so it's a good way to get your fluids.

the only reason u r give stuff like this is coz it has suger n that in it 2 give u a bit more energy, my dad has lemonade when he is sick & u can have lucozade aswell lol

Regina G
My grandma says when you drink 7up when you are sick, you burp out the acid, when i was little i used to drink 7up all the time when I puke

Colt & Tegan
Who is telling you this? That's not true at all. There is nothing in 7 Up that would be beneficial for recovering from influenza or any other illness. It's just carbonated sugar water with some artificial flavorings added.

The only thing I could see it helping with is a stomach virus, because sugar combats nausea, and the light flavor would probably be easier on your stomach than some other sugary drinks like cola or Mountain Dew. Even in that case, though, it's just relieving the symptoms, not actually curing the illness.

It's supposed to be flat 7-up & the reason behind it is to get your sugar & sodium levels back up after vomiting or stomach flu.

It's not for the regular type of flu. Only stomach ailments.

Walking on Sunshine
Really that is a myth - it may make you "feel better" but actually the sugars can be dehydrating at a time when you really need fluids. Some people swear the bubbles will sooth your tummy but in reality a bowl of chicken soup and a glass of water (even mineral if you like the sparkle) will do far more quicker.

the sugars should balance your blood sugar levels, and the bubbles help to sort out queezy stomaches. And they are a placebo

dark soda isnt good for you when you sick . light soda is good , im not sure why though .

Princess Zelda
Not only does the fizz help in some way, but 7-Up is citrus-flavored, and citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, and oranges all contribute to relieving a sour stomach. Back in the day, when people would come to America from Europe or Asia, citrus fruits were prized because they eased seasickness.

actually, i was having a vomit-7-times-in-an-hour type day and my friend thought 7-up was the answer for me.


no it definitely wasn't.

Charlie Glebby
My parents used to do that too.
To be honest, I think it just takes the mind off the pain.
Hey and some drinking some fluid is never a bad idea.

Has no one else ever heard of this?
Its a substiture for drinking sugar mixed in water. It helps calm your stomach down. I always used to have it when i threw up when i was little.

Dont' listen to these fools^ :D

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