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Why does your eye twitch? What does it mean?

Vikram K
It means you have strained your eyes for too long. You shouldn't be on your PC or watching TV or anything like that for another 3 hrs.

haha, it made me laugh that you put this under "infectious diseases." don't worry, your eye isn't going to fall out. most likely you have strained the muscles around/behind your eye (staring at a computer screen for a prolonged period?) or you are lacking sleep. catch some zzz's and the annoying twitch will go away.

A sign of good luck or bad luck as the old folk's saying.

i agree with the first person. it might just be that your tired, or your straining your eyes without knowing it. it might be stress too, my brohter's eye twitched when he was stressed out, well he was more blinking but still.

peachie resurrected

It's a nerve that has a tick or circuit problem. Sometimes a doctor will give you a nerve medicine or muscle relaxer to slow the circuit down. My husbands doctor gave him valium once awhile back. It worked and stopped the tick. Really a wierd thing to happen. He hates to take medicines and unfortuately he had to try something. Fortunately it did work and he no longer takes it. He only had to take it a short while.
PS. My husband also has restless leg syndrome. He now takes Requip and it is a wonder drug!!! It quiets his snoring even!

Had that happen to me - one eye for 8 days. Drove me nuts! Turned out it was dry eyes. I used one of those eye salves (sounds gross, but works!) you can buy over the counter, and after one night, it stopped.

Thinking Is Winning
I've read that eye twitching can be associated with insomnia. My left one twitches if I haven't slept enough.

it could be fatigue or eye strain.

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