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Elizabeth A
Why do you think some people are afraid to be around people who are infected with Hepatitis c?
I have noticed that when some people find out that someone has hepatitis c they pull away or are judgmental and don't really want to be around that person. I wonder why that is? don't these people realize that it is a blood to blood disease. I am curious what others think about this?

new grad
fear. not always understanding how disease are transmitted.

Because once you get the symptoms a sometimes undetectable until you go to the doc...and he tells you that you got Hep C. But mostly its fear and ignorance and stupidity. People get crazy when it comes to a disease..

Because people feel that they do not want to go trough the hassle of trying to find a fix if the get Hepatitis and whats so bad is their are more types than you could ever believe.

I SPEAK FROM LIFE EXPERIENCE!!! My boyfriend has Hep C and I don't! I have been with him for 2 1/2 years! I live with the man and the only time he tells me I have to be extra careful is if he cuts himself. It is pure ignorance that spurs so much fear and misconception around this disease. Even a few of those that have answered this question have no idea what they are talking about and are responding out of fear and ignorance. It is sad really.

Anton Mathew
Hepatitis C is EXTREMELY contagious.

IGNORANCE. There is nothing to worry about Hepatitis C in casual contact, just like it happens with Hepatitis B. Its just that people who doesn't know about it gets freaked out.

A charmed one
Because they are afraid and uninformed about the disease.

it's fear

Because it's contagious.

Probably because it's a very contagious disease, much more so than HIV.

People pull away from people with Hep C the same reason they pull away from people with HIV/AIDS. I think it's a mixture of ignorance, personal protection, and fear. Some people make blanket statements when it comes to dealing/interacting with people with infectious diseases...if I stay I away then I will not contract their disease. Unfortunately, a person is more likely to remain ignorant than embrace education and understanding. Personally, I think is easier to love and support a person than it is to ignore and cut someone out of your life!

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