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Why do i have Blood in my urin?
It has been three days i can see blood in my urin. i do not have any sort of pain anywhere around my stomach or anywhere, but i haved a recurrent fever and i my pee is red.

OMG see a Dr. now. even when patients are tested and have blood in the urine, they can't see it. Seeing it cannot be good.

Calum's Mommy
that is most likley a UTI (uranari track infection) i have hade plenty so far and there real easy to treat. But just go to the doc. and he will tell you whats wrong and fix u right up......

jason c
There can be lots of reasons for blood in your urine, if I was you I would get down to your doctors and have it checked out.
It can be something as simple as a bladder infection thought to cancer.
Normally bladder infections can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics.

jackeline l
Sweetie, you may want to see your doctor. In fact, you have to see your doctor. The sooner the better. I doubt any of us here are doctors, maybe some of us are. You have to get checked by your doctor even if you're scared. You have to do it for you and your well-being. Make your appointment us soon as possible and if you're scared take a love one you trust. Don't try to figure out what you have on the net or by asking your friends or any of that. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR, PRONTO! I wish you well!

dan l
did you get hit in the kidneys or if you do meth amphetime will sometimes make this happen ,or the only other thing i know of is" cancer" this is how people find out that they have cancer, because they didnt know they had it ,,after a while thier pissing blood dont be scarred its rare if your young , im 39 and this happened to me when i was younger i never did anything about it it went away after 3 days never to return so dont sweat it

could be a bladder infection or staff infection get to a Dr.

You need to get to a urologist now. It could be something very serious. A very dear friend of mine just had to have a kidney removed because of blood in his urine. It turned out to be a very large tumor that never caused any other problems

i guess you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). i had the same experience before though it's only a stain of blood. avoid salty foods, drink fresh, young coconut juice, and drink plenty of water (at least 8glasses a day. And, pls sought a doctor's help immediately.

Off to the Doctor, this could be a kidney infection or the start of a liver complaint.

You might have Urinary Track Infection.(UTI) Try to have urinalysis before the infection gets worse. Your doctor can prescribe the right anti-biotics for UTI. good luck.

andrew m
Urinary Tract Infection. Get to a doctor, quickly. People (admittedly rarely) die from this. Lacking pain, it probably isn't kidney stones. Unless you have some sort of damage to your urethra, which you would definitely be aware of, it is probably a UTI.

as my experience that happen to my little brother.. there's an infection of bacteria or kidney problem.. if you feel the pain the doctor said it still in the early of infecton.. but if you didnt feel any pain of it.. its dangerous im serious.. go to see your doctor now!!!!

Ivan S
You have got a bad kidney infection! See a doctor! Now!

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