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 Am I Ok??? >.<?
I have a dog ( just buy it yesterday). Today, he bite me! Am I ok? ( It already vaccinate 2 times, I've already disinfect). I'm really worried
Additional Details
My dog already ...

 My roommate has tested positive for TB and I have 4 kids including a new baby what should I do?

 Since many years ago i 'm suffering pain in my sinuses with infection ! is there any permanent treatment?
i have done so many treatment bud non of them were useful! is there any PREVENTION at home or herbalmedicine??...

 Help! My son has the chicken pox, I think! What do I do?
My 2 year old has bumps all over his back, at first I thought it was mosqito bites, now I don't know what it is!
Me and my other son has never had chicken pox either! What do I do?...

 Can I get mono when kissing my girlfriend, even though neither one of us has mono?

 The possibility of him contrcting hiv?
my partner and i were recently on holiday when he stood on a needle on the beach,it went right through his foot,whilst the needle looked to have been there for a while what are the possibilities of ...

 10.What do you think you can do to help prevent the spread of AIDS?

 HIV Positive housekeeper, does she pose a risk to children in household?
Our housekeeper of many years has been tested HIV positive after having lost a lot of weight and feeling ill. She is on antiretroviral medication now, has picked up weight and is feeling fine. There ...

 What food and drink should you avoid if you have gout?

 How do you no if you got a yest infection?
yea well i dnt wanan try to gross any one out but how do u no if you got one ? i am a 16 yr old girl and i dont no ? and i live wit my dad and dont no my mom so no one to ask?
i asked my friend ...

 How do I clear up a urinary tract infection?
For ...

 I think I have the flu but am not sure...what would you recommend me taking to make it through my day @ work?
It started yesterday with severe muscle aches in my shoulder, lower back, and legs,, kept going back and forth between being really hot and really cold and also had exhaustion. Today these symptoms ...

 How to get out of a flu shot?
i realy hate shots. i have asthma and i just got over realy bad bronchitis (i almost got namonia), so if i get sick now i could end up in the hospital. my mom is going to give me a flu shot, i hate ...

 How to stop a sore throat from hurting?
ive been to E.R they said it wasnt strep. and it really hurts....

 Shall i go to school tomorrow?
I've been havin a stomach flu since tuesday. the last time I threw up was an hour ago, I feel better but not good, mom said i should stay at home but I've got half a day and a whole night ...

 How long does food take to get from mouth to toilet?

 Why do men after time of having a woman he feel nhe has gotten the best out of the waman and he start misbehal

 Can greeks contract HIV?

 Why are our hospitals a disgrace?
Birthing wards that are a danger, viruses, and A&E's that don't fiunction
Additional Details
how about basing it on successful models found in Australia then?? Treatment ...

 Why might hospitals not allow visitors?
The doctors say it’s because of the flu this really ...

Which is the most dangerous disease in the world?
which are the most dangerous physical and mental diseases in the world and why they are dangerous?

AIDS because it destroys immune system.

Bird Flu Aids
And the Black plague

Stupidity. It kills more people than any known disease. It is extremely infectious and cannot be treated, even with extensive therapy. =P

Sue F
Ignorance and Racism

Ebola and Hanta can kill you in hours, these are the most dangerous diseases mankind has ever know

The Hanta Virus is pretty nasty and they only have it at select facilities all over the world (FDA in Atlanta and their Level 4 Bio Containment Area which is soon going to be a level 5, the only one in the world.)

Ebola is really bad too, but for now confined to Africa (most cases.)

Alcoholism, it destroys the body,destroys the mind, destroys self esteem,destroys family life, takes the food out of infants mouths
saps morals, and it is reckoned as the greatest killer disease world wide, check it out

Gata de Barrio
In the realms of infectious diseases;

I'd personally think any agressive bacteria strain that's resistant to every drug.

Psuedomona aeruginosa is one nasty little babe. The worst strains of this bacteria are the ones that are resistant to vancomicine.

Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis is another really bad disease that's probably inevitably fatal. Sadly these nasty strains are becommong commonplace for people with AIDS.

If you count prion diseases infectious diseases, I'd give my vote for Creutzfelt-Jakob disease. Uncurable, irremediably fatal, and you die slowly.

Of genetic based diseases, I think any one of those diseases that keep you terribly crippled but you live.

Frankly I think Hungtington's disease is one of the saddest diseases because you're fully conscious you will inevitably suffer from it and die a slow and terrible death. It's also sad that most people that discover they have this disease already had children. You could play russian roulette with which child inherited the disease.

Other terrible diseases would be Lou Gherigs disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons. They are all slow, fatal and you're conscious about everything.

Botulism : severe food poisoning as a result of infection by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.lethal dose for human = 2 micro gram

anthrax----coz its airborne

the Ebola Virus

Ebola is one of the worst that is for sure.. no cure and is a painful death.

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