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babby celeste with less mucous
When you have a sinus infection is it common for your throat to feel like it's burning?
It's kind of the same feeling you get in your throat right before you throw up. Is that normal? I've never had a sinus infection before.

What kind of Queen of Mucous has never had a sinus infection?!?

Yes, that's common, it's because your sinuses are draining down that back of your throat. Try drinking some peppermint tea with honey in it, that always helps me a lot when I have sinus issues.

☆Someone Else☆
Yes, its the snot running down the back of your throat that gives it that lovely "HELLO...IM HERE" feeling.

§ dreamer §
Yes. From the drainage from your sinus. Gives you a bad taste too

country m@m@ luvs you!
Yes its normal. It's that hot sinus draining down your throat. It will take a few weeks to loose this feeling.

if you've thrown up before repeatedly and u feel that way when having a sinus infection then yes it is normal but you're throat is not in good condition

johnny trash
you don't have to swallow EVERY time

yes in fact a lot of people do throw up with a sinus infection because of all the drainage.Everything drains down so don't be surprise if your nose,throat,ears don't start hurting.But have you see a Dr. yet if not then see one because a sore throat can also be strep and you don't want that.get well soon

Yes I believe so...I've had sinus infections sooo many times (I'd get them every 2 months in high school.) so I know the crap that happens during it...your throat is very irritated from the sinus drip, and it burns because of the bacteria filled in it, and your body trying to fight it off...drink lots of Vitamin C (Orange juice or vitamins) and take care of yourself

Hippie Chick
Yes, it is common it is due to drainage going down the back of your throat. Try drinking something hot, (coffee, tea etc.), it will help loosen the mucus to keep it from sticking in the back of your throat. Hope you will be feeling better sooooon! **hugs**

i think it could very possibly be normal. i know when i've had them i've felt like sh*t. drink a LOT of water, and cut down on the chocolate milk. dairy isn't so good for sinus infections.

Rocky tears of pain
I always get a headache with the pain mainly around my nose. I get drainage from my nose to my throat that feels like my nose is running backwards. Snot really sux. Feel better. ♥

Sad, Sad Cat
Mmmm... it is more like the burning taste you get in your throat right after you swallow something nasty that your BF tried to feed you from his sausage.
*cries again*

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