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 Pls help me regarding rabies??????
i went to my friends house who has 3 month old german shepard as his pet,it played with me and when it tried to bite me i took my hands out and there is no open wound......but what makes me worrying ...

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 I'm going to the doctor today because I'm pretty sure I have strep throat.
is there any other way they can check for it besides using the throat culture thing? i really hate that thing and i get really nervous about it....

 Symptoms: Rash, Sore Throat, ear ache, swollen hands and feet.?
first was the rash on my arms for about two days..
than my throat
than the rash got worse and on my chest, and legs and feet and hands.
my ear has been killing this whole time
i D...

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 My daughter got a fever of 108 and the doctor said it was a virus what do i do

 Am i a germ freak?
i don touch doors
shopping carts
or people hands unless i have hand sanitizer ...

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I've had a cold for a few days now and my nose wont stop being stuffy and yet i have to blow it every 20 min, and my throat is a bit sore and my eyes get watery every now and then. Is there any ...

 Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that famous people only get involved?
with MS or other childhood diseases when they themselves or their loved ones or their friends children become infected with this disease or are born with the disease?

Why is that?


 Will a man still want me even tho I get fever blisters?

 Is there a bug going round the South East UK at the moment?
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 How do I know If I have MRSA (superbug) or just plain Staph? PLEASE HELP!?
4 days ago, I felt a little sore on my thigh... then it got more swollen. I wen to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed some antibiotics. She told me that I have staph and that their is nothing ...

 Glandular fever?
I posted a question a few days ago about if you thought i had i or not and my blood test came back that i have it. The doctor said i'll be off school for about 3 weeks and it may take months to ...

 My 2 1/2 month boxer has a fever what can I give him to lower his temp?

 My Eczema Won't Go Away?
I have eczema and I get more and more of those rashes every week. My mom also has eczema and our doctor gave us cream to put on it daily but the spots aren't fading away!

Any advice?...

 Is it safe to have a baby if you have hepatitis C ?
or can you never have children?...

 Can I give my kitten human pink eye medicine drops?

 Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs What the other 1% of germs its not killing?

What would make a persons eyes appear watery and glazed would a drug cause this symption or would some medicat
my friend goes to the ladies room and comes out with the eyes watery and glazed and acting a little childesh and laughing a lot would she be taking some kind of drug.. or some type of medication..

She's on drugs; now get her some help!!!

A Dizzle
It is possible, but glazed and watery eyes vcould also mean she in bulimic. She could be acting childish and laughing alot so nobody thinks anything is wrong. She could very well be on drugs too, most likely cocaine or some kinds of pill if she is doing it in the bathroom. Confront her calmly, tell her you care about her and you just want her to be healthy.

just m
yes its possible that shes doing drugs, especially if shes going to the rest room and coming out with blood shot eyes. if shes laughing when she comes out , that's another sign of drug use.

um well if her eyes are red she might be smoking weed. if she has bundles of energy and doesnt sleep for hours should could be snorting coke. MOST women over men have addictions to pills: watery and glazed eyes are most effects of popping pills, which pill I couldn't tell you because there are so many. Muscle relaxers, anexiety pills, depression pills, weight loss pills, ADD pills....she could be taking OC, vicodine, perciset, anything. The best thing would be to ask her. If she doesn't want to answer you or says nothing, its going to be hard. because accepting or admitting you have a problem or addiction and actually wanting to get help is the hardest step. good luck

probably sniffing coke or speed and maybe taking stupid pills

she is snorting drugs.

sure sounds like to me she might of snorted something..no one can say for sure but it is what is sounds like to me....if i were you i would really watch her because even if she is your friend it is not good to be around someone doing drugs....if she is that good of friend you might could ask her.. but i would always wander if she was telling the truth....i have had some experience with my son and his wife on drugs and if it gets bad enough they will steal from you and do things you never thought they would do.....i do not know anything that would make someone change that fast.. it would even be worse if she was using a needle shooting up some drug...but you can get into trouble if you are around someone that is caught having drugs on them and a bad reputation if others think she is using drugs like you have the suspision....i hope i helped you but these are some things you need to think about...it is not worth ruining your life over i can tell you that for sure..

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