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What would happen if you just swallowed a LITTLE bleach?
Well, my Grandmother was cleaning and washed the table with bleach. I was hungry and got out some watermellon and I had completely forgotten about the Bleach. I put the watermellon on the table, facing the side that you eat. I ate the watermellon, remembering it tasted as if it would be chemicals. Then, I remembered about the bleach. I spat it out, my tounge started to burn. I washed my hands, drank Apple Juice and water, and ate some food to get the taste out.
Now, my stomach hurts, as if I have something TERRIGLY wrong. I want to yell and throw up, can you help me?
Additional Details
Thank you, I am okay. Read my profile for more things.
I will not die, it's not like I drank the whole thing. Yes, I am alive.
Fortunatly, it did not harm me too bad.
I contacted poisen control.
They told me to drink LOADS of water. I drank 3 bottles in five minutes. My stomach pain went away, and my mouth is ok.
Thank you all for caring. :)

Kadija F
My mom was using bleach to wash clothes and she got a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach on her arm and she got seriously burnd.And u put a little in ure mouth...................CALL POISON CONTROLL!!

julianne w
you need to call the poison control center ASAP as in NOW or call 911 and theyll connect you HURRY PLEASE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dillon S
tell your mom

you need to get medical attention immediately.

Tempah Kid
call poison control or go to the hopital ASAP because bleach is a very dangerous chemical when entered into the body

You can call poison control but I assure you that small amount is not going to hurt you!
Do you drink from a public water source? They use cloreen in their water! What do you think bleach is?!
The reason your stomach hurts is because your worried about it!

jessica k
You should have called poison control, not to make you feel down, but you could die or get really really sick, your in trouble!

Lord Denning
Oh my God! Are you dead?

Contact Poison Control Center immediatley!

I hope you're alive and able to read this. You should probably call the poison control hotline and/or go to the hospital, ASAP.

Conspiracy Buster
call poison control immediately, and dont induce any vomiting that may occur.

DO NOT call 911
call poison control! they are probably more able to help you, and if you need medical attention they will give it to you, but if poison control cant help call 911!

Jo P
Call 911! Your throat is blistering!

Cocoa LaRue
You are fine. Drink milk and call the advice nurse at the hospital if you need reassurance. If Bleach could kill with just minimal contact (indirect consumption) it would not be on the market and certainly not recommended for cleaning high use areas.

Call poison control asap

Cute but Evil, things even out
call poison control, they can guide you on what to do.

Get to a doctor immediately!! 911. This is dangerous.

I think people are over-reacting. A quarter teaspoon won't burn your arm, as one person said. That is ridiculous. People use bleach on their hair. Different potency, but still bleach. You're fine. If you don't feel better tomorrow, I'd see a doctor, but that little amount shouldn't hurt you.

Waldo R. Emerson
u only consumed a small amount so u should be fine. just drink tons of water thru out the day. if u still feel sick, call ur posion control to ask what else can be done

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