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What will medication for strep do if i dont have strep?
so i have white spots on my throat, swollen lymph nodes, a headache, high fever, abdominal pain, and i have almost no energy. My symptoms can either mean i have strep or mono, so i went to the doctor, but i dont trust his opinion. I really do think i have mono, and the doctor didnt even do any tests or anything. He didnt take my temperature or ask about any other symptoms. He just looked at my throat said strep gave me medicine and left. but if its not strep, and i do have mono, what will the medication do to me?

nothing at all

Antibiotics have no effect on mono one way or another, so it won't make things worse if you do not have strep throat. Otherwise, the antibiotics kill all sorts of bacteria, so they always affect what's living in your gut and in your sinuses. Sometimes, the antibiotics kill off problem bacteria that you didn't know you have, and they usually also kill off beneficial bacteria. Either way, the good bacteria eventually find their way back into your body.

The appearance of strep throat is unique, and an experienced doctor is going to recognize strep throat when he/she sees it. Strep throat often develops as a secondary infection when someone has mono, so its possible you have both. Its even more important to treat strep throat when a person also has mono because the mono makes it easy for the strep to morph into a much more serious condition. Taking your antibiotics as prescribed is far safer than not taking them.

Joe M
A strep test is simple and quick..your doctor should have just swabbed your tonsils/throat for a culture. This when he/she could be sure the right antibiotic is used. If you don't have an allergy the antibiotic probably will just gave you minor stomach ache.
But once started it should be finished so any general body bacterial will not become immune. Mono is also easily diagnosed with simple blood test. Mono is viral and antibiotics are not effective unless secondary bacterial infections result.
Mono is treated by rest and contact isolation. It is self limiting, but is contagious. I m unclear why your doctor would not do these simple tests. I suggest another MD. Both these test can be done is most medical offices. Because both diseases are infectious, a proper diagnoses is imperative.
Joe, RN

It will most likely soothing your throat you will get your voice back slowly

Go back and ask to be tested for both strep and mono. Insist on it if you have to. You state that the doctor didn't take your temperature. Doctors rarely do. They leave vital signs to their medical assitsants. Did ANYONE check your vital signs?

kill whatever infection it might be.

Gecko Juice
Depends what medicine you take. Some will decrease youre immune system, some will improve it, some will do nothing, and some will make suceptible to that virus the next time you get it. In this case, strep throat meds won't affect you negativly.

I had mono and my dr. tried 3 different antibiotics before he decided to try to test for mono.

If it is mono, the medications aren't going to do anything at all, and the virus and it's symptoms are just going to run their course as they would anyway. I would insist on a mono test if the strep test come back negative, cause that's what it sounds like.

Carl L
Numerous studies have shown that strep *cannot* be diagnosed just by looking... I've seen throats that were a little red and were positive for strep, then some which were beefy red with pus and were negative, that's why there are specific tests for it.

An antibiotic typically given for strep won't cause any problems with mono unless you were given amoxicillin... amoxicillin and mono can result in a nifty rash (but not always).

Ask your mom to ask the doc to test you for mono. Be sure to mention if there have been any recent cases in your school or amongst your friends. If he won't do it then go to a walk-in clinic and ask. It's a simple test, and if they have the quick version you'll have your results in less than half an hour.

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