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What to eat when getting over the "stomach flu"?
I last threw up about 24 hours ago. I have been eating miniscual bites of crackers and veryvery small drinks of water (about 2) and now I am slowly eating an otter pop.. Is this okay to eat? Will it make me sick again? What else should I eat? Thank you so muchh
Additional Details
an otter pop is like a popsicle. It is frozen water with flavor in a tube.... Is it okay?

Chelsea Meow
Orange juice, the liquid of the soup, only. water, and ginger ale, however you spell it. o.o

Toast and honey ,ginger ale, anything else the stomach wont take it!

im not sure what an otter pop is... but chicken noodle soup is usually a good thing to eat.. dont drink water yet.. its hard on ur stomach.. coco cola is a good thing to drink.. and crackers are a good thing too

Take ENO fruit salt with Luke warm water

For me is chicken soup and 7up. In very small quantities it just goes straight to warming me inside and it all gets better soon.

big boy
the best thing to eat when throwing up is clear liquids. lots of clear liquids, water, chicken broth, otter pop is ok. i have been in and out of hospitals and that's what they always feed you when your sick. remember lots of liquids. o yea Gatorade.

lindsey s
OK i was always tols the B.R.A.T> diet ! it is banannsa rice applesauce and toast (plain) that is food that is easy on your tummy and will help settle it. Also i was told to SIP not gulp as much as you want to it will only make you feel worse!!! I hope you get to feeling better

Darling Anna Addiction
drink lot of liquids, make sure it's flushed out of ur system well...
and stick with the crackers and very light things, no dairy or heavy stuff.
Pop is not bad it's helps give u bubbles in ur tummy, which is good.

Light foods..crackers, fruits, soups, etc.

Do you have chicken noodle soup, great for your relief, also prezzels with the soup...You need to soak-up and destroy the acid in your stomach....for more answers go to Web MD

shaneka p
chicken noodle soups or also broths will do and ginger ale should do the trick i always do this and it helps

Sorry to hear you are sick, chicken noodle soup or tomato soup, clear liquids are good jello, and ginger ale nothing greasy or highly season. Keep up with the crackers also, feel better soon.

yes you should try to eat, start with the crackers and chicken noodle soup, 7-up or sprite.Getting something in your Belle is what counts so if all else fails try the crackers and sprite.

van kedileri
really cold stuff is shocking to the beleagured belly, howz about some warm mild broth

Keep it very bland...no fats, nothing spicy or too sweet. Broth with some noodles if you can tolerate it. Graduate to toast with a little butter, so it's not too dry. Jello, crackers, baked potato or unseasoned fries; Biscuits or breads, dry cereal. Clear juices or sodas.

I swear by the healing properties of wonton or potato soup.

Popsicles are fine


I love mashed potatoes or mac n cheese when I'm feeling better

plain pasta with butter and salt

tea and toast

Your basically on the right track.Plenty fluids are the key.Stay away from milk products till your stomach is back in order.Maybe try some sprite.Soups are good too so you can keep your strength up after throwing up.

Try yogurt-it has live cultures that will populate your disestive system with healthy bacteria-Dannon has a form of yogurt just for this purpose-Activa-if you check in the Lonely Planet travel books they often advise Yogurt for stomach issues-any good brand with live cultures should work and in any case it cannot hurt you and is on all lists of world's healthiest foods

Jennifer l
Sips of water and crackers. Toast that is plain. If you keep that don bananas are easy on the tummy as well. Good luck.

Mary E D
chicken soup and saltines and 7-up

Joe C

James H

just eat clear liquids for the next eight hours, like chicken broth..keep up with your water intake to stop dehydration.

mashed potatoes, soup...half a sandwich toast....

soups and other kinds of saltish food wood help you get some electrolytes back after vomitting. The otter pop is probably okay to eat but don't let the sugar give you a false sense of confidence in feeling better—the most common reason people feel sick again after returning to eat is that they feel better and start getting up and doing stuff... JUST REST!

Hope you feel better!

Matt C
chicken and noodles

Chas A
the otter pop should be good, and good for re hydrating you too.

You could also eat chicken noodle soup with saltine crackers, any other kind of Popsicle, and some mashed potato's (I use instant kind, quick and easy...)

I hope you get well soon!

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