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teddy bear
What should i eat after having the flu?
i havnt ate in 4 days and im juss getting over the flu what should i eat now and what should i eat after a week from now

Clear liquids like ginger ale and sprite. Jello and saltine crackers. Then some homemade potato soup will give you some strength. Gradually go back to your normal diet as you feel like it. Your body has a way of letting you know when it is ready for some real food. Hope you are better soon.

Start easy, soups, clear drinks like apple juice, Ginger Alle, ect. soda crackers and toasts. I hope you are feeling better by now. Good Luck.

light foods. chicken noodle soup, light sandwich, etc...

Take it easy for the first 3-4 days. On days 1 & 2 stick to clear liquids - broths, Jello, water, diluted juice (cranberry, grape & apple). If this is tolerated, advance to full liquids on days 3 & 4 - broth, cream soups, water, full-strength juice (see above), fruit nectars, coffee, tea, soda, fruit ices without fruit chunks, Jello, custard, ice cream, pudding and milk. If this is tolerated, on day 5 advance to soft foods. Return to a regular diet when you feel ready.

Roger S
If I were sick, I would continue to have a high intake of fluids and cautiously exercise and rest as my body needs. I would start with easily digestible foods including soup and go easy on unhealthy food such as fried foods and heavy meats for while.

You, however, should consult your doctor directly.

billy s
yogurt cause it has the good bacteria in it

Mike J
Eat good, healthy stuff.
Vitamin C for the immune system that needs repleneshing- a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables
Protein and Fiber for the body to strengthen its tissues that are recovering. Think lean protein and whole grains - again, as fresh as you can get.
A lot of water. Low fat milk is good, but avoid carbonated and sweetened drinks.

That doesn't change after a week, either.

I would start out eating soups then work yourself up to eating whatever your body could handle.

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