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 Whats the worst diease?

 Could this be harmful?
Is it safe to dab bleach on a cold sore to get it to go away quicker. I have a friend who does it all the time and it heals faster than anything else but could it harm your body?...

 Can needles used for fixing artificial hair cause HIV/AIDS?

Additional Details
since, these needles doesn't have holes in them like injection needles, where will the virus stay in order to pass the virus to another?...

 Will turkeys be going cheep now cause of the bird flu?

 Can you catch mono without kissing someone that has it?
My bf's roommate had mono last week. Well, my bf's roommate is a guy and they don't kiss each other. They may cough on each other, but they're both straight. I went out with ...

 From whom the aids occur from the male r female?

 With the "possibility" of a bird flu pandemic, wouldn't it make sense to tightly control the USA-Mexican
border and make sure everyone who entered had a medical screening? With ILLEGAL entry there is no 'control' or medical screening for that or any other disease (HIV/AIDS, T.B.,etc.)...

 Need serious advice about ear infections?Can anyone help?
I got a really bad ear infection a few months ago, first one I ever had- agony!!!Gt antibiotics & it cleared up.Then got another bad one in the other ear.Got antibiotics and it cleared up two ...

Omg. I am 16 and I think i may have the chicken pox
I got it when I was 14... Not when i was 3 or 4 like some others
Could i be getting it again?!
Today i found an itchy rash all over ...

 HELP. I am very sick and nobody believes me. I think I am dying...?
I think I am dying. I have diarreah 24/7, I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up (and sometimes I do), I am ALWAYS tired, weak, and dizzy. I usually have some sort of infection, too (...

 Can you drink alcoholic beverages while taking an antibiotic?

 Should you take antibiotics for vital infections like the common cold?
viral ...

 Is the bible the word of god?
whenever iread the bible i fill involved i get motived i can not actualt say how i fill its ...

 I just found out that my ex husband has hepatitis C.what should i do?
i have not been with for seven years but we did use to shoot up drugs and share needles with each ...

 Yesterday i went to the doctor for a sore thoat, she gave me motrin, 2 pills every 6 hours.and i keep on doing
and it mostly went away today.then i started sneezing toay.now im coughing.and i think i have a fever right now.idk my fingers feel on fire.isnt it the flu?and on my right leg, it has these huge ...

 When you have a cold, is it cheaper to...?
use toilet paper to blow your nose instead of Kleenex?
Wouldn't a roll last 10 times longer than a box of kleenex, not to mention so much cheaper?...

 What is the disease that is going around which kills rabbits?
My brother told me that if i don't get my rabbit which i have had for a week injected soon then it could possibly die. Is this true and if it is can you give me some information about the ...

 Can antibiotics treat depression?

 My daughter is suffering from chickenpox, I already had it. Can I infect others, specially children?

 Is it okay to wash plastic forks and spoons and re use them?
What about plastic knives? What about paper plates and toothpicks. What about plastic straws and paper cups? I'm having a big picnic next week for people that have contageous diseases and I&...

Tom W
What is the thing called where u CANT have kids?

a pen*s


Primary infertility when you haven't had a child before. Secondary infertility when you had a child before and can't conceive now.

There are lots of reasons that people can't have kids. Be more specific.


infertility? vasectomy? tubes tide? hysterctomy?





Any number of reasons. But I'm wondering if you're asking about endometriosis? I've seen numerous times where it has been corrected by surgery.

Being sterile...

Infertile, Barren, Sterile. Those are the only one's I can think of right now.


Mister Bon

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