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Cool Chick
What is the difference between bed bug bites and the chicken pox?
My neice seem to have gotten a weird rash with bumps all over her arms, and it slowly spread to some other parts of her body. Well about a day later my son got bumps all over his arms and it slowly spread to some other body parts. About two days after that, my husband got bumps all over his body but they vary how they look, they look like mosquito bites but all over his arms, and some look kinda like small pimples, and my sons look that way too. I took them both to the hospital and they said they all got chicken pox. Well then a day after my husband got it, I got it, I have bumps all over my arms and it's slowly spreading to other parts of my body. Now I believe they are bed bugs bites because we recently moved into a new home and about a week ago when we woke up in our room we saw some bed bugs crawling on the walls and when we killed them they were full of blood. Now it does look like chicken pox but it also looks like bed bugs and it's kinda a coincidence that we all got it this way (oh and the neice lives with us with her mom, and her mom doesn't have it), I know the pox travel by air but still if anyone could tell me a difference then I might be able to figure out what is going on.

Sequoia B
Bed bud bites are generally smaller than chicken pox marks, they don't itch quite as much, and getting rid of the bed bugs will result in the red marks fading after a few days to a week and not re-appearing. The most itchiness will come from laying in bed, generally you can feel the bed bugs crawling on you and biting you. Highly unpleasant!

Chicken pox is *very* contagious, and anyone in the household who has not already gotten it will get it, very quick, if the infected persons aren't "quarantined."

That said, if you are seeing tiny, shiny black bugs around your linens, it's time to wash everything in hot water, or however your preffered method is of treating for bed bugs. Remember to treat all the mattresses and pillows too, and spray some kind of "safe" bug spray around the house, inside and out.

chiken pox - contagious, got it from a friend who has chicken pox, has like a boil on skin, itchy...

bed bug - you get from your bed while sleeping, itchy

Packrat 666
bed bugs are bugs chicken pox is a virus.

Will M
It sounds like you might have a case of the Pox but you might have used a bit too much laundry softener and this happened to me and my daughters once. It cleared back up after we had washed all of the clothing in about two to three days.

Um, chicken pox looks like red fluid filled blisters and are itchy. I don't think bedbugs itch/are fluid filled. You and your family may never have had chicken pox but your neice's mom may be imune to it.

Chicken pox is contagious. So you obviously have it. Just because your house is bug infested doesn't necessarily mean that those bugs are harmful. In fact I'm fairly positive that "bed bugs" are not visible to the human eye...

bed bugs are fake but if they were real the difference would be chicken pox make you inch and bed bugs have poison and will kill you!

a s h b e e
chicken pox is an airborn virus that cause itchy spots.
bed bug bites are like any bug bite.
it is a bite from a bug.

chicken pox doesn't look like mosquito bites. It looks like it has liquid inside/ on top of the red spot. It quickly spread in all parts of your body including the face. Well, in some cases, only in some areas.
An ordinary doctor or a physician should be able to distinguish that. Or better to see an older doctor for they are more experienced.
Chicken pox is contagious. Bug bites is not but if you are exposed in the same environment, there is a chance to have it. here are the same photos of bug bites.
hope it will help. http://bedbugger.com/bed-bug-bites-photos/

Usually with Chicken Pox there is swelling in the lymph glands ie. of the neck and maybe armpit. Like with other viruses, there is lethargy (tiredness).

I don't think this happens with flea bites.

Also, Chicken Pox lesions get kinda crusty on the edges as they heal (I know, gross) and I don't think this happens with flea bites either.

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