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 I've got the flu.?
To relieve my body aches im taking Nurofen - Ibuprofen, but its making me burn up after taking it, is there anything else i can take or anything else i can do? Its only my second day of it....

 Is it possible to have chicken pox twice?
my symptons fit that more than shingles, but ive already chicken pox!

i really hope not, my final exams start in three weeks :(...

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Is there anyone out there that has it? If so, could u fill me in on it?...

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 Have a sluggish liver, what will help to perk it up?

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Apart from one or two sensible answers, you are a sarcy lot, aren't you, made me laugh though which I hear can be good for a sluggish liver!!!...

 Okay people.... I have a mouse(mice) in the house. It seems I have mice who went to University or something...
I bought the sticky traps first and put them everywhere there was evidence (mouse droppings) of them being there. Mainly my counter tops. I never leave food out and the kitchen is mostly spotless ...

 Should I have the flu vaccine?
I work in an hospital....

 Is it safe to eat kleenex, i caught my nephew eating them..?
and why would anyone eat that stuff?...

 Is your tonsoles in the middle or at the side of your throat?

 My sister is septic and she did have an abonormal ekg yesterday and today... will you please pray for her?
Thank you Pastor Dave if you see this... im just really scared...
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i dont know how this got to voting so quick i must have clicked on something... thank you everyone... ...

 Is this normal for the flu?
ive been having "flu" symptoms for over a week,, will i be ok??...

 I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this, not knowing what is wrong with you.?
About 2 years ago my doctor found that I have an elevated white cell count by chance I was there for something else, so I was referred to a hematologist he gives me a cbc every 3 months to monitor it ...

 How is tetanus the disease spread?

 My friend is in hospital with viral meningitis will she be ok?
some cases of meningitis are dangerous and some people can die from them what about viral meningitis?
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is it contagious as she was in my house 2 or 3 days before she ...

 Could marijuana benefit those with the flu?

What is the best thing for a sore/raw throat?

One Ho
Drink 7-up with salt. That's been my remedy all these years.....and it always works!

The Alchemyst
Gargling with salt water helps kill the germs infecting your throat.

I like tea with a little bit of honet and Lemon.

There are these really great cough drops you can get at the pharmacist called Cepacol that numb your throat.

See link!


and sip on some hot honey tea throughout the day if you wish.
just get a mug full of boiling water, and add about 1&1/2 teaspoons of honey.

DO NOT have antibiotics, you dont need them!!! save it for when your really sick and your body will thank you :)

try mouthwash

lime and honey

mix some honey in hot water and drink that

mix up some normal temperatured
water with a like a table spoon of salt
until it looks pretty salty.
rinse your throat with it
it should work bc osmosis would take the water away from your germs so they can't live :D.
it works
if not jsut eat cough drops.

Sandra T
I read an answer here for salty water but it is way too much. Warm water with a little salt is good to gargle (not swallow) (about 1/4 teaspoon of salt to 125ml of water) too much salt will burn. My doctor always recommends this for tonsilitis.

hot tea with honey

tea, salt water gargles

Gargle with comfortably hot tea with honey. The warmth feels good and it won't make you sick (like salt water) when you swallow it. Conversly, a frozen beverage or popcicle type bar feels good, too.

Blow your nose often, as the pain is usually related to sinus drainage. Take an antihistamine at night and decongestant by day.

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