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 Enumerate ways on how to prevent AIDS.?

 Got sick and symptoms got worse by the day. What should i do?
I've just came down with something that started with my throat hurting. woke up next morning opposite side of throat hurt and had a stuffy nose. woke up next day with a cough that hurt my chest ...

 I know this is really sick, but please dont put me down ..how do I infect a cut. I need help.?
I need to infect a cut to get help, my CPN is rubbish, how do I do it, Im feeling so stressed out at the mo...I know im sick and stupid blah blah call me whatever you want.Jus pleae tell m how to.

 You step on a rusty nail which punctures your skin. If you haven’t done so recently, you should:?
a.)get a tetanus shot.
b.)take some antibiotics.
c.)get a booster shot.
d.)get a hepatitis shot....

 Can Strep Throat Be Serious??
My son who is almost 16 has strep throat. He's on penacillan for it and is taking it 2x a day. The docs office did a quick result throat swab on Thursday and it came back positive for Strep. O...

 Why would a doctor not give you any medication if you have a viral disease?

 If any hiv +person gives a deep kiss to his parntner who is not hiv +.,does it effect?

 Cold, Flu, Or Virus?
I went to my two year old cousin's house and she is sick and she is always in my face and one kid in my class at school has a sore throat. I have a sore throat and stuffy nose. What does this ...

 Is belly piercing only done without a gun?

 If a child that has never had chicken pox is exposed to shingles, are they at risk?

Additional Details
My mother in law was in town for a week & was sick w/ rash ( which I was unaware of!). when she got home her doctor told her she has a severe case of shingles. M...

 What is the cure for rat bite or medicine for rat bite?

 What is mainstream treatment for hepititus C?
for a 48 yr old ...

 If blood containing disease has been dried for over 24 hours, has the disease died then?
A man went around in our apartmentcomplex spreading blood after himself after being beating. My door got sprayed, might worried he has aids or something....

 What do you call a child who is not completely immunized?
incomplete immunization meaning a child who didn't finish the required vaccines for immunization?...

 How do you treat eye infections in dogs?
Recently, my dogs left eye has been watery and has a green discharge coming out of it. It is also pink and looks very swollen. How could this have occurred and what can I do about it? He's not ...

 Would you give your child a flu vaccine if........?
If you knew that any substance with 200 ppb (parts per billion) mercury was considered a toxic substance and 90% of the flu shots available on the market today are 50,000 ppb? Mercury is a known ...

 Puss Pockets in throat.....?
On thursday my throat began to hurt and I thought I was getting a common cold or a reaction to a flu shot I just had. On Sunday I was really tired and my body was sore. My sister in law (a nurse) ...

 What kinda of cleaning do i need to do with having a child that has a virus called mrrsa?

 Why there is no vaccine for Malaria?
why there is no vaccine for Malaria?...

 About infectious mononucleosis...?
I have recently had contact with a person who had infectious mononucleosis. He recovered 2 months ago. Is there any possibility that even though it had passed for him that now, 2 moths later, i have ...

What happens when you swallow eye drops?

You can die. There have been a couple cases where people have gotten really sick and also cases where people have died. Visine can kill someone if ingested.

Unless it's the whole bottle, then nothing. Even then then, it may only be an upset stomach.

I've Got It!
Diahhrea is not an issue but there are far worse consequences of ingesting "Visine"


Erin C
you can get very sick.
very. very. sick.
and some ppl are smart enough to read the labels

i have not encountered someone who died due to swallowing eye drops.. or is it the container? hehehe... lol

Jaime's voting for McCain!
You puke alot and possible diarrhea

Eye drops like Visine can give you diarrhea if you ingest them. My sons friend got expelled from school for 3 days once for putting eye drops in other kids milk or drinks at lunch time. It gave them all diarrhea....

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