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What happens if you have a urinary track infection thats not treated for over 5 months?
ive had a urinary track infection sence around november.. and ive recently been having strong stomach pains and my cramps have been rele painful latley.. whats goen on??

ok are you dumb?? a uti will turn into a bladder infection that will turn into a kidney infection. you can lose a kidney or even worse. if the infection spreads you could be in real trouble. why would you go 5 months and not treat it, did you not have blood clots coming out??

if you are trying to have a baby this whole time, why on earth would you not be treated for a UTI!?!?!

that is very irresponsible

Please see a doctor right away to get treated with antibiotics. Even though most UTIs resolve on their own, one that hasn't for 5 months is very serious!

Angela N
If you don't have a doc or insurance, go to an emergency clinic--it's cheaper. They may shoot antibiotics into your hips and give you oral ones as well and recommend over the counter drugs that you can take in dosages that will make you more comfortable until you start to heal. You will need to to drink a lot of liquid (water and 100% cranberry juice) then to flush it out. I had a bad one that lasted about a week before it started to hit my kidneys--I could only stand bent over at the waist because it hurt so badly. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible (and if someone can drive you, that's better). There are low-cost options in many areas and you may be able to negotiate a lower rate at a clinic or doctor's office if you don't have insurance. Within a few hours of going to the clinic, I started feeling much better (it was probably the worst pain of my life--including natural childbirth). Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon!

well..... lets see r u sure its a uti? if u have all the symptoms but no bacteria you could have interstitial cystitis. or u could be retarted like me and have all the symptoms but not have any explanation at all. but if u have had a uti for that long its probally impossible.....cause the pain would be so excrusiating u couldnt live that long without some uristat or pain reliefing meds. trust me, go to ur dr. and get some antibiotics to get rid of that bacteria, (hey at least u can get rid of it unlike me)

u can lose a kidney

Untreated UTI can sometimes resolve on their own. They don't always though and can progress and spread to the kidneys themselves. This is serious and not to be ignored.

A UTI that's not treated could cause serious damage to your kidneys. See a doctor right away!

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