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 Coworker tested positive for TB!? Can someone answer my questions about TB??
I am interning at this place, and around a month ago they hired a second intern. We were sharing an office. Today I came in and he was leaving, I checked my email and apparently he had tested ...

 I was scratched by a cat on my toe and it bleeds. do i got rabies?

Additional Details
i was walking when a cat suddenly scratched ...

 Flu...even with vaccine?
Okay so Saturday night I noticed my throat was getting sore so I had some tea and went to bed. The next morning, my voice sounded awful and I was running a high fever with a lot of body aches.

 Can tooth infection kill me?

For the past 2 months I have been having on and off again severe bouts of teeth pain. After 2 months I just couldnt take it anymore and went to the dentist. He told me my wisdom ...

 What infections can you get from eating undercooked beef?
my friend clyde had his tooth pooled last monday while he was in kentucky. a few days after(on thursday) he went out to dinner with his brother and they both had hamburgers. it turns out his brother ...

 My eight year old has been throwing up off and on for 4 days?
It started as a late midnight round of vomiting-he threw up pretty much all day the next day, but stopped for almost 24 hours and then it started again at night-he was fine during the day, but sick ...

 How do iknow if i have strep throat wittout goin to a doc?
?????????? pleassss i am desperate!!!!!!!!...

 Need help with my Chicken Pox?
Im 21 years old college student, never had Chicken Pox before. Couple days ago, I had pimples in my neck, the morning after it covered all over my chest. I went to the doctor this morning, he said I ...

 I had chicken for tea last night and now i have a cold. do you think it could be bird flu?
or just silly bird flu?
Additional Details
i said chicken FOR tea, or, translated into posh, chicken for dinner ( we call it tea in the north)...

 Can fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome be secondary to another medical problem?
My business partner has been VERY ILL for about 6 months I came across a article about cronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He has every symptom. we have been to several physicians but still no ...

 After 12 years of honoring brother's wishes...I disclosed his medical condition to other brothers.?
His condition became deadly and we all questioned his ability to make choice to seek medical attention. Emergency physician's care was required. He's currently hospitalized. What ...

 AIDS is incurable?
some people say there is a cure, but im not ...

 Is it the Flu or a bad Cold?
I've all the cold stuff, sneezing, dripping nose, aches.and feeling like crap. However, when I go to bed I get a fever and shiver all night. Its been 4 days now..no fever during the day..been ...

 What ever happened to mad cow disease in Britain?
BSE, CJD, vCJD ...

 Symptoms of rabies,?
foaming at the mouth and attacking people, this ok?...

My freind said he had just found out he has T Bz, and he doesn't even know why he has it, so I wanted to know how it is caused. Can it be spreaded and what usually happens to a person (if ...

 Is it safe to take prune juice and laxitives if you suffer from ibs?

 Can a person contract TB if they have already been vaccinated against it?
Could I have TB, perticularly Bone TB if I was already vaccinated against it as a baby? I did the skin test and it came back Positive, but I think that was just from being vaccinated against it in my ...

 Fever in 5 year old for 8 days?
My daughter has had a bad cough and fever now for 8 days. She also had a febrile seizure at the beginning of the week, which she's had in the past. They did chest x-ray, blood work, blood ...

 MRSA, Very important ????
My boyfriend has had MRSA, i guess for like a week now, only we didnt know it until this morning, we had to wait for the results i have been the one cleaning his dressing and his infection with q-...

What foods should you eat if you have the flu?
If you have the flu, what kind of food should you eat?

Eat anything you feel like eating and make sure you have a lot of fluid inside you... eating soup would be the best I think.

Porridge. It has sufficient carbohydrates, has chicken(is good for colds) and is liquid form. Drink lots of water also. Ginger beer also helps.

It rather depends on the symptoms you're having. If there's nausea, vomiting or diarrhea (which some people get) then stick with the BRAT diet until stools are formed and solid and for 24 hours after that. Bananas, plain steamed Rice, Applesauce and dry Toast. If the symptoms are all respiratory, eat what you like. Water should be a component for either one.

Mild foods, if you can keep it down. Applesauce and chicken soup come highly recommended. And when my husband is ill, I make him a tea with ginger in it to help calm his stomach. Another thing that will stay down easily- if you take it slowly- is crushed ice and Coke Classic.

Only drink liquids until the flu passes

Keeping up your fluid intake is vital. We loose more fluid through sweating with a temperature and expiring (breathing out) through our mouths when we are fighting off a flu bug
Best way to measure your input is enough is by looking at your urine as you go to the toilet. If it is clear, then you are well hydrated. If it is dark yellow, then you need to drink more.
Eating comes secondary. MAke up soup or a stew and have that. You can put in some nice foods and meats or chicken and pasta and rice and get a good meal out of it. It will be soft and easy to drink if you have a sore throat.

Soft foods like applesauce (if one likes it), and soup such as chicken soup. Above all else it's very important to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of clear liquids (especially when it comes to the nausea). I found that drinking 7 Up or Sprite if I don't have fresh ginger to make a tea from can help with the nausea to settle the stomach.

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