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 What is a cold soar and how do you get one?

 Do you think I have mono?
Fatigue ( for 4-5 months now)
Soar throat
Low low fever 99.4-99.8
Not really hungry.
I went to the doctor, they took a blood test, and they said if they found mono, they'd ...

 Did you ever experience a cold sore / fever blister before?
How long did it take to heal and what medication did you use? What are your thougths when you see someone with a cold sore / fever blister?...

 What`s the connection beetween chicken pox and herpes?

 What disease do misquotes carry?

 If you are under 21 and have crabs do you need any parent consent?

 The dreaded "flu"?
i am on day 10 of having this frigging flu stuff. now and then i thought i was back with the living and then pow. has anyone else gone through this....

 My friend's son (2 yrs old) is having PERSISTENT fevers, what could cause them?
She has taken him to 4 different doctors... they all say it's not an issue unless Motrin does not bring down the fever, and leave it at that.

1 doctor ran several blood tests looking ...

 Are you a germ-a-phob?
Do you believe in the 5- second rule?...

 The back of my throat has white "scab/spot" appearance?
My husband had strep over a week ago, and I have been on antibiotics for sinus infection/bronchitis for 5 days. Tonight, my throat started to hurt when I swallow so I took a look. In the back of my ...

 How long it's gonna take for you to die after you get infected by the bird flu disease ?

 Why do i always have mucus in my throat yet when I try to cough it up it just stays there and hurts my throat?
I always have mucus in my throat and try to cough it up but it won't come and it hurts my throat. Is there any way of getting it up and getting rid of it because this is really annoying me! C...

 Best treatment for a sore throat?
It's not strep throat, but i have a sore throat and i need to hostess tonight :( any suggestions/quick fixes?...

 How long does it take for chicken pox to appear?
I havent had the illness before and, 2 days after bein in the company of someone who has it, my arm is feeling itchy. Could this be symptoms appearing already, even tho ur not meant to see any ...

 Should I be concerned? I dropped a needle into my foot?
after injecting a chicken. It is ok, but I am wondering about the raw chicken issues. Should I just wait and see if I get sick? I am for real. I did this!...

 Staph infection?
im not sure.......

is this only going on rapidly just on long island and in new york or is it growing all around the nation fast. 2 people in my school have it and 2 people on long island ...

 If I am taking amoxicillin for strep throat will it also cure me if I have other bacterial infections?

 Fever blister, plz help!?
I get fever blisters like anyone else, but when i get them, theyre not just on my lip, but my chin, too. and they spread fast. is there any way (besides abreva) to get rid of these quickly? any ...

 Who has the flu or cold?
who has the flu or cold ? ive had a cold for a week now and still can't get rid of it .what can i ...

 Could it be the bird flu?
We keep chickens in our back yard and a few of them have been acting funny lately. I've already filled my bathtub up with water. Should I get one of those N-95 masks just in case?

For Jesus Sake, Don't Report
What are the risks of putting your fingers in your mouth?
I bite my lips with my fingers a lot. It's a bad habit.
What risks am I facing? Can it cause fungi or smthg?

Jayla W
well it all depends if u was touching stuff and u didnt wash r hands den u can get all these germs and catch sicknesses from otha ppl who was sick and touch da same thing u touched also if u do wash ur hands n put dem in ur mouth den u risk getting dem dirty again!LOL den if ur sick den u put ur sickness on stuff den get others sick

a lot but im always doing stupid stuff like that and nothings happened to me but if you wash your hands a lot you'll decrease the odds a lot.

pinworms,if you get any dirt on your fingers it can carry worm larvae and when you put it in your mouth the larvae hatches in your stomach and u get worms

Flaming Tresses
If your fingers are really long...well, gee, you could choke.

just carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands all the time.... but i would try to break that habit, that can get kinda gross, i meand really, observer everything you touch in one day, and think about how many and who else touches it too

Depends on where you put ur fingers before putting them in ur mouth,

remember, when stiring liquid uranium, use a led pipe, not ur arm.

billy s

Where was the last place your finger were before putting them in your mouth? did you wipe your butt and, forget to wash good? Try E.coli
You should always wash your hands before you put them in your mouth, if you have to. I see no reason top put finger in ones mouth.

If you have dirty fingers yes! That's a very easy way for germs to get into your body. Wash your hands a lot! My Uncle did stuff like that too, He started chewing on straws to quit. lol. But now he always has a straw in his mouth. (he keeps a stash of them in his pocket.)

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