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 Why is it whenever I get a flu shot I get sick?
It happens to everyone I know. Everytime anybody I know gets a flu shot, they get sick. And we never get sick when we don't get the shot. What's the point?...

 For any nurses or doctors...please help!?
is there any way you can get tested by a simple eurone sample for a yeast infection? without getting examined "down there" ? big thanks to those who help!...

 What's the real deal on the Bird Flu?
I've read details from one extreme to the other. Some say it's going to be a deadly epidemic and to start saving non-perishable food and water as we'll be trapped in our homes and ...

 What are 2 differences between 'Viruses and bacteria'?
Doing a paper on Rabies and jus need 2 know two differences between Viruses and B...

 In French, how do you say "I have a sore throat and need medicine that will not make me tired?"?
In French, how do you say "I have a sore throat and need medicine that will not make me tired?"...

 First day of sore throat . What should i take to stop it from turning into a cold?
Son is passing it around the ...

 Does anyone else get summer colds or is it just me.?
I am ...

 Whats a good way to get really sick.?
like a bad cold... or fever? anykind of sickness

please answer this quistion...
why? because i dont want to go to school tomorow

3 ...

 My wife is suffering from fever. how can i best medicate her at home?

 What do teens need to know to prevent getting HIV?
plz.. my ...

 Can I get chicken pox from someone who has shingles?
One of my relatives is geting Chemotherapy....and after her last shot she got shingles....I've never had chickenpox, neither have I gotten the vaccination! So can i get Chickenpox from a person ...

 What can I do to help my flu?

Additional Details
My mom is sick and she needs help,so I went on here and asked.
Any medicine or thing to do?...

 Describe the causes of malaria,cholera,AIDS, and Tuberculosis(TB)?
explain how these diseases are transmitted and assess the importance of these disease worldwide.

Thanks a lot in ...

 For infants,name the oral suspension which is used to correct dehydration?

 Can i sunbathe whilst taking antibiotics?
I've been prescribed penicillin for tonsillitis, which has now cleared up and i finish taking the pills tomorrow. Someone told me that you should avoid sun exposure whilst taking antibiotics, ...

 What's the difference between a sore throat and strep throat?
I know I have one of them, but I'm not sure which.

So far, I'm starting to lose my voice, and it's getting hard to talk.
It hurts to swallow, and I don't have a ...

 What Will Happen If I Don't Get A Tetanus Shot And I Step On A Rusty Nail?

 Hi,Iam in my 4thmonth of pregnancy.I got fever and cold.Also sneezing contionusly.Will this affect my baby??
I went to hospital,they gave me Dolo 650 for cold.But I didnt take it because of pregnancy.
Additional Details
Yeah I informed Doctor abt my pregnancy.My fever was not too high .It was 99...

 Can dog ticks stick onto humans??

 How do you catch Shingles?
I mean how are they passed from one person to another?
Is it hand-to-hand contact or sharing bodily fluids (I'm talking drinks bottles etc) or through the air or what ?

What are the risks of not cleaning my bathroom?
For the moment I didn't see bugs.

First of all-YUCK! The soap will build up and the germs will build up. The toilet will begin to stink. I clean my bathroom every day with sanitary wipes (toilet and sink) and bleach the tub every Saturday along with the toilet and sink. That's just nasty in general....EWWWW!

strep, staff, fungus, flesh eating disease general filth...
and more.
an old saying....
cleanliness is next to godliness.

The smell alone may not be worth the risk of not cleaning your bathroom regularly. Think about it, there is dirty laundry(socks - phew!), maybe a wet towel which was never hung up, there is a constant source of odors being flushed which needs to be freshened once in awhile, the trash may not be too great either (used tissues, cotton swabs, feminine products). These things combined could create odors you couldn't wait to clean up after. Then there are the viruses & bacterias - Geez Louise! I officially have the willies. Please go clean your bathroom.

I Tell you what, why don't you run the experiment, for couple of month then you come back and tell us what happened.
If you have lost your hair, or maybe got an unknown disease that is incurable and eating you up from the inside bit by bit.
That why you will maybe be use full to society.

the health department will condemn your home ,and if you have children they can be awarded to the courts,plus you could get sick although your immune system may be better than others and this could let you live longer

your nasty to even think of not cleaning your bathroom.

Your bathroom is where all the germs are idiot.

So I'd say the risks is pretty big!

You're a nasty-azz...I'll bet your bathtub looks like you used it for an indoor garden!

Drowning in a sea of s.h.i.t!

people will think you are dirty

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