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 What have you found to be the best way of curing a sore throat?
help I have a sore throat do you know any good cures . I am on the old lemon and honey what else is there ?...

 For killing germs, is it better to wash your hands in hot or cold water?
I'm thinking cold; germs can't survive cold, can they?...

 Can you get the flu from someone who just got their flu shot?
Since a flu shot essentially gives a person a very mild version of a given strain of flu, wouldn't they be infectious for a short person and this be able to pass it to other people they are ...

 Have you had the Winter Vomiting bug or do you know anyone who has had it?

 I have strep throat and my antibiotics didnt work...Is this normal?

 How did HIV get started?

 Whats glanga fever?

 Wat is some good stuff to clean out your eyes?that will kill bacteria and germs?

 My co-worker is coughing all over everything...?
Help! She is spreading her germs everywhere! How do I politely tell her to get a cough drop or something?! Should I buy them myself and keep them at my desk? Should I Lysol everything she touches ...

 With all that we know about HIV / AIDS, why are people still contracting?

 Blood clot in open wound?
my friend has an open leison on her finger that we can see the bone and vein through it and it may have a clot please ...

 Mrrsa is a virus?

 How bad can limys diseage get?

 My elderly parent has been diagonosed as having Shingles - any advice?
The doctor told my father that because he had chickenpox that one usually gets Shingles later in life? Any ideas how to ease the symptoms, painful legs and sores. Advice would be much appreciated.<...

 How do i know if my babies got measles?

 What r the symptoms of chicken pox ???
.................like .....how do i kno tht im goin 2 have it............

 Does any one know alot about Staph infection or MRSA?
ok, so i no some one who had it 2 times, then i stayed at there house for a month, like 5 years later and the same kind of boil/symptom appeared on my leg. is there a chance i had it? I went away ...

 Has rabies been eradicated in Britain?

 If recovering from sickness.. is it REALLY a good idea to get a new toothbrush????

 The Flu Shot.....?
I was wondering, right now it's recommended that children under the age of 2 get the flu shot. Now my daughter is 7 months old is that too early for her to get the flu shot?
I'm a ...

Ruth Naomi Mariae R
What are common diseases for old people?
Example: alzheimer's, diabetes

liver disease, cervical cancer, arthritis, prostate cancer, there's really too much to list.. but you get the idea

dimensia, blacoma thats all i know of

parkinson's, osteoporosis, high cholesterol

yagami light
Diseases of Aging
Disease of Aging

The most common diseases of the elderly:

Coronary heart disease: It accounts for one third of U.S. deaths among those aged 65-74 and 44 percent of deaths in those 85 and older.

Cancer: People over 65 are 10 times more likely to develop cancer than those under 65, thanks to a weakened immune system and longer exposures to cancer causing toxins.

Alzheimer's Disease (AD): The older the person, the greater the chance of getting it. AD patients live two to 20 years; the average is only eight years.

Strokes: After age 50, the rate of strokes doubles with each 10 years of age. The major risk factor is high blood pressure.

Arthritis: Primarily a disease of older people, there is no known cure.

Osteoporosis (bone loss that leads to fractures, loss in height, and "dowager's hump"): It affects nearly one in four women over age 60 and almost half of women over age 75.

A healthy lifestyle can prevent many of these diseases. Once they develop, there is no cure. Many older people take lifelong medication to alleviate symptoms. Animals sometimes take the same medications.

high cholesterol levels, menopousal deranges, loss of hair, loss of retensive memory,

sugar diabeties

blood pressure

heart diseses


diabetes, stroke, diverticulosis, congestive heart failure, obesity

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