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What Will Happen If I Don't Get A Tetanus Shot And I Step On A Rusty Nail?

you go to the hospital right away and they give you another tetanus or a booster. You might as well go get one anyways if u cant remember your last one, cuz i think they run out after 7 years??? 10 tops. They last pretty long.

And you will die a very painful death

my grandmother died of lockjaw. She stepped on a rusty nail with out a tetanus shot.

You could get tetanus . This is a blood infection which in some cases is fatal. There is only a small chance of this. Just clean the cut & put antibiotic on it.

Jessica C
You could get tetanus, which causes lockjaw. Basically you won't be able to open or close your mouth...

You'll get tetanus

Did the nail go all the way in,did you have a tetanus shot in the past 7 years?If you have not had a tetanus shot and the nail pierced the skin enough that it bled then you could get tetanus.I would suggest going to the ER,or a walk in clinic and get a tetanus booster shot.If the nail did not punture the skin you should be fine.GOD-bless

You need a tentanus vaccine every 5 years. The consequences of not being vaccinated if you step on a rusty nail are not pretty!! Tetanus bacillus is a toxin that can cause an acute infectious disease. The first sign is stiffness of the jaw (lockjaw) and esophagus, and some of the neck muscles. Muscles of the face contract, and muscles of the back, arms and legs spasm. Fever and severe pain will be present. The disease is usually, but not always, fatal. When fatal, the infected person commonly dies from asphyxia (unable to breathe) and exhaustion.

Well you don't have to run out and get a tetanus booster before stepping on a rusty nail. You can get one afterward. I realize this isn't what you're asking but I couldn't resist.

There's no 100% guarantee that stepping on a rusty nail will cause tetanus. Just a high likelihood. If you hadn't had a booster within the last 10 years and if there were tetanus bacteria on the nail or in the soil around the nail, you'd probably get it. If your boosters were current, probably not.

Now, if you're also asking what would happen if you were not only vulnerable to tetanus, contracted it and went untreated, you'd die.

FYI: "Lockjaw" refers to the muscles spasms that affect the jaw and also other muscle groups in the body. This doesn't mean that the mouth can never be opened. That's false. The spasms do cause difficulty swallowing. An older term for tetanus is "lockjaw".

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