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The question is that the doctor gave my daughter a shot to stop vomiting cause of a virus. did you hear of it.

Dr Universe
yes i`m a Doctor

Simple Jewels
This often leads to a prescription of Phenergan, an antiemetic that can keep your child from vomiting, but often at the price of many other side effects. In addition to making your child very sleepy, Phenergan can cause respiratory depression (which means that your child could stop breathing) and dystonic reactions, with involuntary muscle spasms.
Ps i work with a nurse who told me this...


Nope, I really haven't heard of that.

how old is your daughter?

Injectable anti-emetics are fairly common, especially in children. Phenergan is probably the one I see most often.

I was given a shot of phenergan once because of nausea and vomiting during a severe migraine headache.

Yes. Liquid gravol. The same stuff they give you (in the butt cheek) when they inject you with demerol.

No, never have as yet. I wonder if it was an anti-biotic shot, but then I haven't heard of them either.

Rocker Chick
I actually did hear of it,I also got a shot to stop my vommiting, because I was vomitting 3 days every 20 minutes. I forgot the name of the shot, but it really does work, its amazing!

never heard of a shot only liquid medication

gone from here too
Yeap ! my son got the same thing when he was 5

They can give you intravenous medications to control nausea. They often give these after surgery when they know the patient is has a history of nausea. I haven't heard of shoots being given in the office for nausea though.

yes, if your child has gastroenteritis it may have vomiting and diarrhea, vomiting is treated by given plasil( clopram) 10 mg intravenously , intramuscular or as a capsule

yep if vomitting for any reason is going on too long causing distress or dehydration the doc can give an anti sickness jab nothing to worry about hun

Gypsy Gal
Yes, when you have the stomach flu/

There's a few different types of injections to stop vomiting. Reglan and Phenergan are the first ones than come to mind. They are fairly common.

the shot was phenergan. For more information on side effects here is the web site.


He basically gave her an anti-nausea (phenergan) medication. If she has been loosing a lot of fluids by vomiting. I'm surprised that he didn't put her on an IV or have her drink pedicare to bring her electrolytes up.
I've been given the shot when I get migraine headaches.

The injection was probably because your doc wanted to make sure your daughter didn't throw the meds back up and then the dosage would be all screwed up. There are many injectable versions of drugs that most people are only familiar with taking orally. You may want to search the web for anti-vomitting injections and see what medications pop up. I know there are several.

Marilyn B
There are several medications for adults and children to stop vomiting, but just a few are listed below. As you can see, some can be taken orally or by injection.
Dolasetron (ANZEMET) oral and injectable
Granisetron (KYTRIL) oral and injectable
Odansetraon (ZOFRAN) oral and injectable
Palonosetron (ALOXI) injectable

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