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Spit on by a sick person..will I get sick?
Today in a (small) classroom, a girl coughed, and I felt a bit of spit land on the bottom rim of my nostril. Not necessarily in my nose, but close. I forgot, and didn't really wipe it. It was small. I went to blow my nose later, too. Can I have pushed that droplet of spit into my nose, causing me to get sick? Am I just being paranoid?
Additional Details
I should probably add that I am healthy in general, and I take Airborne, wash my hands often, and use sanitizer. Does this help my chances?

Yes you can get sick ,but with your added details even if your get the virus it won't make you that sick.
You all so could include vitamin rich foods to your diet.
To boost your immune system naturally.

Good luck....

you can get sick just by being near her

Yes you could get sick.

Yes you can get sick. Hopefully your immune system will be strong enough to fight it off though.

Depending on the virus type, any or all of the following routes of transmission may be common:

Touching infectious respiratory secretions on skin (when shaking hands, for example) and on environmental surfaces and then touching the eyes or nose.

Inhaling relatively large particles of respiratory secretions transported briefly in the air.

Inhaling droplet nuclei: smaller infectious particles suspended in the air for long periods of time.

Studies suggest a person is most likely to transmit rhinoviruses in the second to fourth day of infection, when the amount of virus in nasal secretions is highest

Unfortunately transmission of infectious agents occur via droplet contact, now be optimist and hope your healthy immune system is ready for battle and don't let it get to you, you'll probably wont get sick and wasted all your energy being worried about it.
Good luck!!

My mom is a teacher... she takes Airborn and Vitamin C supplements and she hasnt gotten sick-- after working with tons of sick kids and being thrown up on (ew!!)

So wash up alot with warm water and soap, eat healthy, and take vitamins. You'll be fine.

And don't drink from water bubblers by the way. I got strep throat 3 times a year for 4 years til I stopped drinking from water bubblers. Havent gotten it since.

So you might get sick. I just wrote way too much to answer your question, but oh well

you're probly gunna be fine, if u keep thinking ur gunna be sick u probly will end up gettin sick, ur mind is a powerful thing

you could very definitely get sick, that is how people get these things. If I were you, I would start using Zicam nasal swabs per the package instructions now, Zicam blocks viral replication and thus shortens the duration and severity of any cold virus, on occasion can even stop it. Drink lots of fluids and at the first signs of infection, stay home, don't spread it around like your classmate obviously has.

Phil B
u probably have about a 60% chance of getting sick from that

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