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Sore Throat - how many spoons of honey and lemon juice?
I have a severely sore throat. It was mild a few days ago when I went to visit the doctor so he didn't prescribe me any anti-biotics. Fast forward a few days to present day and my throat hurts like heck. It hurts so much that everytime I swallow saliva, water, or food, I would wince like a little girl.

I keep hearing people throw around a remedy that consisted of warm water(or is it hot?) + honey + lemon juice. What I want to know is how many spoons of honey and lemon juice do I need? Can I also substitute lemon with lime? And lastly, do I gargle this or drink it?

Thank you in advance.
Additional Details
I don't have any lemon tea at home...Can I just use warm water and add the honey and lemon to it?

Annie S
urg i hate when that happens!!! gargle water w/ salt in it and that should help and if u have any tea (green tea would help) put some honey in that and drink it, i dont think lemon would help though but then again i have never tried it. Hope this helps! :-) get well soon!!♥♥

lemon tea or green tea and squeeze a lemon in it and pour honey. drink a ton of it

freaked out 91
In my experience honey irritates the throat itself, and lemon is acidic, so if your throat is dry that mixture would leave you coughing. Gargling with salt water or eating ramen noodles which are high in sodium will soothe your throat. Don't shy away from asprin either.

i have a sore throat right now too, my mom told me to make tea and put a spoonful of honey in it. it tastes kinda gross but it helps. u dont gargle this, u drink it.

What I do is make a cup of tea. I like chamomile, but regular black tea would be nice, too. I add the juice of a half a lemon and enough honey to make it sweet.
If the sore throat doesn't get better soon, go back to the doctor.

warm water makes the honey dissolve easier plus easier to drink. Honey needs to be the natural -live honey. not the processed. Lemon best when freshly squeezed. Another remedy- I make a drink with 2 lemons (sliced), 5-6 garlic cloves, and about an inch of fresh ginger root (sliced). Boil and simmer til garlics are soft. Then enjoy. It kicks the colds butt. Doesn't taste that bad because your throat hurts so much you don't have much taste anyway. When you realize the taste then you know you're getting better!

mary k
once in the morning and once at night since you are busy in between .

The remedy that I grew up was: take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Fresh lemon is the best, but you can use bottled. I'm not sure about using lime instead. You drink it, you do not gargle with it. Green tea is also good for you. Hope you feel better soon.

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