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Should you kiss your partner or kids when they are sick?
Both my husband and son has been suffering from a cold and cough. My son had a temp. that got up to 102 that was recorded at the doctors office, but has since broke. My husband has not been running a temp. but is coughing up yellow phelm.

I know the Golden Rule to always wash your hands a lot and not to touch your nose and mouth too much to avoid becoming sick, so I was wondering what advice or experience you had in this area?

P.S. My husband and I aren't doing any french kissing so we aren't coming in that close of contact while he is sick.

lock them all in a room and talk to them on the phone .
put them in quarintine ,dont take any chances.

mail them their food

they're sick! they need you and your kisses, specially your son. if you have a strong immune system you wont get sick at all.Just take a lot of vitamin C. Oh by the way, let me recommend you this supplement it's called EMERGEN-C. it's all natural vitamin C and minerals, great for when you have a cold or want to prevent one.
take care!

"La Chinita"
Yea, you probably shouldn't, but, I always did { NOT French kissing is a very good idea} kiss my kids and/or man "goodnite"", or "I love you" and was fine.

chances are you've already been exposed anyway...but it shouldnt matter....i kiss them anyway even thought they dont want to for fear of giving it to me....

you'd be surprised that it's usually the mom out of the entire family that escapes infectious diseases. probably due to the fact that we are usually the ones who build up our antibodies through household cleaning and laundry. exposure is sometimes the best medicine...that goes for sickness and kisses and kisses and sickeness!

I think depends on how prone to getting sick you are. You can expose yourself to the bacteria or virus they're suffering from simply from them breathing (droplet transmission). Personally, the few times my partner's been sick, I've never caught it. I'm not sure if an individual builds up an immunity to bacteria or viruses by being in contact w/ family members & only taking in minute amounts of the microbes & the immune system is able to fight it off & build immunity to it. I wouldn't chance it though--being sick is the worst.

if you want to kiss them it is better in the beginning stages of their sickness rather than later. no matter if you kiss them or not you still have the chance of becoming infected. however colds and viruses have a way of mutating and by the time you get sick there is a possibility yours is a mutation of the one that initially got them sick and the immunities built up by everyone wont help them fight off the new mutations.

Jenn h
if you aren't afraid of catching whatever they got, then go for it! but if you're a germa phobic then don't!

I have to kiss my 15 month old son all the time, lot's of times during the day... and yes, we share colds. Half the time though because he isn't in daycare, it's me who gives it to him :( with me working or even from my husband. So really it's up to you, but i personally cant stand not getting/giving a kiss here and there.

woman of steel
Our children are very affectionate, so when they get sick, we have to talk to them about kissing us. They like to get hugs, so I give them alot of that. Then I only kiss their forheads.
Someone needs to care for our family when they are sick. If we don't take measures, and get sick too. Who will care for them, let alone, us moms out there who are usually the care givers?
I miss kissing my husband when he is sick. So when he is better, I usually make up for lost time. : )

Kissing when sick is just the same as french kissing when sick. Did you know that when you get sick, you most likely recieved the sickness through your mouth. Influenza affects more than 100 million people each year in the United States, and Americans suffer from 1 billion colds annually. The updated Flu and Cold Guidelines encourage people to get a flu shot, and at the onset of flu symptoms, see a doctor immediately (within two days) for new treatments available that can reduce the length of the illness. For relieving fever and aches associated with flu and colds, the guidelines suggest taking products containing acetaminophen, like Tylenol(R), which unlike aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen, is less likely to irritate the stomach. complications from flu shots as previously thought. The best time to get a flu shot for maximum protection during the flu season is from early October to mid-November. However, the flu shot can be given at any point during the flu season, even if the virus has already begun to spread in your community.

Flu Vs. Cold
Both the flu and common cold are caused by viruses, but there are several key differences between the two illnesses. The flu virus spreads by traveling through the air and by direct contact. When an infected person sneezes, coughs or speaks, he or she releases tiny droplets full of flu particles. These droplets are so small that they can remain in the air long enough for another person to inhale them. Once flu virus droplets land on the lining of the nose, throat or lungs, flu invades and spreads throughout the body. Flu symptoms often appear suddenly and include fever, cough, muscle aches, headaches, sore throat, chills and tiredness. Flu symptoms are more severe than cold symptoms and the flu can be fatal in the elderly and people with lung disease or a weak immune system. Flu symptoms in children are similar to those in adults, although children tend to have higher temperatures, ranging from 103 degreesF to 105 degreesF. Pneumonia is the most serious complication of flu and can be caused by the flu virus or by bacteria that get into the lungs when the body's defense system is weakened by the virus.
A cold is a minor infection of the nose and throat that usually lasts for about one week, although it may last longer, especially in children, the elderly and those in poor health. Colds are highly contagious and are caused when droplets of fluid that contain a cold virus are inhaled or transferred by touch

My boyfriend and I don't kiss when one of us is sick because we DO love each other and don't want to make the other person miserable either. But it's really up to what you're comfortable with.

If your husband is coughing up yellow phlegm or blows his nose and it's any color other than clear/white, he has an infection and should see a doctor as soon as he can.

I don't suggest kissing anyone when they are sick because they can spread their germs near their mouth, like when they blow their noses, etc.

No we don't. It's like this- we love them, yea? well we can't very well look after them if we're sick too..... Btw, if someone get's a temp again then give them some paracetamol. Just a little for a kid, but better their temp comes down.

I was told once that a person is only contagious before the symptoms show.
I wouldn't go licking up any boogers or anything but, Kissing on the cheek or forehead would be OK in my book.

It is so hard not to. It is really best not to. It is better to kiss your hand and pat it on them and then wash your hand a little later. I believe that if the fever is broke, then they are no longer contagous. However, just by being mom, if you get it, then you do. There isn't a great chance that you won't no matter how hard you try.

Mister T
if he is coughing up yellow phlem than he is either asthmatic or he has bronchitis. Either way you won't catch that but they bot probably stemmed from what your son has. Take lots of Vitamin C reguarly to keep your immune system up. Try the kissing on the cheeks. It depends they stay contagious for a few days after symptoms are gone. Make sure keep it short and sweet if you do it at all. It's a risk you take for being a wife and mom. It comes with your job!

kiss them on the cheek or forehead. and kiss all of them, cuz its nice

Kiss them if you really love them

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