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 Why is it called foot and mouth when cows have hoof's?

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 What is a another name for someone who draws blood from you?

 Can you get aids from a mosquito?
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 My husband has a fever of 101.4.....?
Should he go to the doctor? He has aches and pains, chills and a cough.

Or should he just take some tylenol?
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we also have a 2 month old baby. I'm ...

 Both me & my hubby are hiv+ can we born a child is it safe for child?

 Is it true that the NHS are performing euthanasia on infirm patients by deliberate neglect?

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Not a rumour sadly I know of a case in which had the patient not had a family to put up a fight for him, he would have died of deliberate neglect on an observation ...

 I asked a question, instead of getting an answer, I get a question back, just want an answer to question.?
I asked a question, instead of getting an answer, I get a question back, I'm not worried of diseases, I just want to know what they do with blood after one is dead. (Just answer my question)...

 Any tips on helping a cold/flu get better quicker?

 May have accidental drank a very small piece of plastic or glass what should I do?

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could I possibly drink a little water then self induce vomiting along with a burp to dislodge particle in ...

 Why would a doctor not prescribe antiboiotics for influenza and when would he?

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haha, for the record I am healthy at the moment. I am taking Pathophisology and that was a question on our case study I wasn't sure about....

 Can i donor blood even though i have tatoos??

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 What makes me keep getting urinary tract infections?

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i get at least 2 or more a month and im a terribly too clean person as well as my partner i wipe front to back etccc.......

 Do you think depression could be contagious......?
because it seems to be in epidemic proportions these days.
What do you think could be the underlying cause?...

 Is viral fever infectious?

 What is Hep C and how do u catch it, does it only affect the liver?

 Need info about chicken pox....help?
my babysitter just found out the little boy she babysits has chicken pox he's not even 2 yet...the thing is my daughter who will be 3 next month, hasn't had the chicken pox yet and im not ...

Should I go to the ER? I have a staph infection and no insurance.?
I have been having a high fever off and on for three days and now I am getting nauseated off and on. I am worried I may have mrsa pneumonia but I don't have insurance so I don't want to go back to my doctor for nothing. I am on bactrim for my staph infection. I have four more days of taking that. IF there are any doctors or nurses on, could you tell me, how long can I wait to see if this will go away? Some people have died from mrsa pneumonia and I am scared.

Pedro S
maybe darwin has a point....

YES GO NOW! Do you know that more people are dying from Staph than AIDS today! Get in there now and deal with it before there are consequences

Yes go to the hospital. When I had no insurance my welfare dept told me ask at registration about HCAP applications. If your income is under your states poverty level then th egov. will pay your hospital bill. Your state may call it something else just ask for help with your bill at the registration.

Yukon Sally
Yes, go the ER. Your health should be your number one concern. Tons of people go to the ER without insurance so why should you risk your life over a money issue. Get well now and deal with the financial aftermath later.

Go to your county hospital ER. It may be free (check online or call) and they cannot turn you away.

List as your chief complaint, "difficulty of breathing" to make sure that you get seen sooner.

go to your local health department and get checked out by a nurse who can tell you if its serious enough to head to a hospital. The health department is usually cheap or entirely free

yes staph infections can become life threatening if not taken care of immediatley not only become very contagious to others it is my exsperiance that bactrim is a moderate antibiotic with the way your symptoms sound i believe you need to get to a hospital as soon as possiable and get help or at least another opinion your health is your life you only get one life

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