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Sam G
Shingles - can u catch shingles if you havent had chicken pox?
my girlfriend might have shingles but i havent had chicken pox, can i catch it and if so would it be worse because i havent had chicken pox? i just want to kno sum information about shingles really.

yes it is called herpes simplex virus.

sharon w
Yes you can become infected with shingles without having had chicken pox.Your friend can spread the virus for up to 12 days,while she has a skin outbreak.The Varicella virus that causes chicken pox is responsible for this disease,and can affect the carrier for the rest of their life.It never goes away,it lies dormant in the distal nerve ganglia. If you haven't had the childhood vaccine for chicken pox,you need to get one soon.It can pose a risk with other members of your family,elderly,those with compromised immune systems,and to yourself,it can cause serious prenatal complications late in pregnancy and effect the baby before its born. Take care. SW RNP

Adults can catch chicken pox or shingles. Both tend to be worse the older you get. You are more likely to catch shingles if you haven't had chicken pox.

Try n Smile
yep you can catch it. Shingles is not nice, it might be worse considering you have not had chicken pox before, but it really depends on the person. It incubates for a week before you get any spots so your gf would have been carrying it for a week before she knew she had it, so you may have it how but won't know for a few days. Hopefully you will be lucky and not catch it! but if you have been around her its likely you might.look after yourselves hope you gf gets better soon!

Yes, there is a chance you can. I had shingles at 19 and it made me feel lousy although I'd had chicken pox as a child. It is contagious and often happens when someone is a bit low or run down.

It is related to chicken pox which are part of the Herpes family - but i don not have Herpes! I was better within 10 days and the blisters scared like chicken pox.

No, you must get chicken pox first so relax. And I will add that shingles is not contagious anyway.

Yes but may be not as shingles and it's a lot worse for adults if you get the chicken pox.

hi hunni, think im expert on this now lol my god son came down with shingles just before my 7 week old babys christneing so i called doc for advice...

basically when you have chicken pox the virus lirs dormant in a nerve in your spine. when your immune system is low the virus can reactivate its self and this is what shingles is. it is usually over one side of your back but can appear on tummy and face too.

you can catch chicken pox from shingles if you havent already had it. but only by touching the fluid contained in the blisters.

you cannot catch shingles from shingles and nor can you catch shingles from chicken pox., it is a myth that if you have had chicken pox once and you come into contact with it again you will get shingles.

so, to answer your question, no you cannot catch shingles but you can catch chicken pox if you come into contact with the fluid from the blisters. She will be most contagious in the first 4 days and after a week they shoudl start to dry up and be less contagious,
The incubation period is 18-21 days so you could still come out in chicken pox (if you have touched the fluid or blisters) upto 3 weeks after the last blister has dried up! i would try and avoid her as depending on your age chicken pox is quite nasty in adults esp men as it can leave you infertile,

good luck hope you dont get it

you will probably get chicken pox if your girlfriend has shingles, you can only get shingles if you've already had chicken pox and it lies dormant in your system.

No you can't catch shingles
Shingles is caused by the dormant chicken pox virus still lurking around after a childhood infection and can reactivate as shingles in later life.
However, you could catch chicken pox.

Both of these are caused by the same virus, Varicella-Zoster. Those who have had Chicken Pox can relapse with Shingles later in life. Anyone can be infected with Shingles--but mostly the elderly and immunocompromised are most affected.

only me
yes you can...and been told it can be quite painfull..an ex partner of mine had it we was told by the doctor not to sleep in the same bed do all washing seperatley including cups etc..its highly contagious if your g/f hasnt been to the doctors yet then she best get there asap

The myth of that you can only catch chicken pox once is untrue. As a family member of mine has experienced it several times. As in for shingles, luckily never came across the stuff. Just treat it now. I heard its not that nice of a experience to have.

Dr Frank
You can catch chickenpox from shingles if you are non-immune. Theoretically you do not catch shingles at all, it is a reactivation of a previous chickenpox infection, which generally only affects one nerve root on one side of the body.

Adults who get chickenpox tend to be much more unwell than children and sometimes need hospital admission.

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