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Puss Pockets in throat.....?
On thursday my throat began to hurt and I thought I was getting a common cold or a reaction to a flu shot I just had. On Sunday I was really tired and my body was sore. My sister in law (a nurse) looked in the back and saw white puss pockets and told me I had strep throat. I went to the doctor today and I tested neg. for strep throat and mono. He said people with sinus infections get this but I have never had a sinus infection and then he didnt know what I had. He just gave me anti-bodies but it seemed weird that he couldnt pin-point anything. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? My throat is soo sore and I can barely eat, I feel really tired and my whole body hurts. (no sniffles). Thank You

not being funny but they say it can come from giving head & to if you take showers or bath & run out into the open with your pores open or get in alot of air to soon feel better gl

yea i had this. it is a virus that is making you sick. the pus pockets are just pockets of mucous caused by bacteria in the throat. since you're tests were negative don't worry. it will run its course in about 1 week. meanwhile use warm salt water gargles. and ibuprofen. stay on the antibiotics.

i had that to it comes from sinus problems,mine puss comes out the back of mine.

The One
Get tested for Mononucleosus......

Rose there are many of us that can't take the flu shots. Even when others take the shots I get sick. Learn natural food cures for flu and the colds and be happy.

I had that before and I got rid of it in about a week. I was told to eat chicken noodle soup. warm water. and a mexican dish, Im unsure of the name but I think it was caldo. And I did this throught the week and I got better I hope it helps you.

OK-I just spent 4 days last week in a horizontal position with pretty much the same symptoms that you had. I was tired, my body was sore, and my throat was so sore that I could barely even swallow or talk. I finally broke down and went to the DR, where I too was swabbed for strep throat because my throat was swollen and red. The test was negative. I was also swabbed for the flu. Guess what?!?! It was positive. I really did not have any sniffles or anthing like that. I just laid on the couch and did nothing. The DR did give me an antibiotic for an infection that he <thought> I might have in my sinuses too. Now, I was told that it would take about 7-10 days for it to run its course. I have 2 small children, a job, and laundry! I do not have 7-10 days to spare!!!! So, I followed this regimen and immediately began to feel better. Took my antibiotic as prescribed. Every 2 hours, I gargled with warm salt water, drank a full glass of lukewarm water (didn't want to upset my stomach), and did a "steam treatment" on my sinuses. Basically, I got a kitchen towel, soaked it in hot, steamy water, and without wringing it out, placed it over my mouth and nose and breathed in the warm steam. I also placed Vicks vapor rub over my chest and throat and slept with a warm heating pad over my chest while I got lots of rest!!!! I also added Mucinex which worked wonderfully. Less than a week later, I am feeling pretty good. Still have the cough but at least I am not in a horizontal position anymore! Good luck to you!

Oh, 1 other thing, I did take Ibuprofen for the body aches!

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