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Name the first sign that you're getting a cold.?

It varies from person to person(cough,sniffles, fever, etc.).

my nasal passage gets really soft and "moist", but not quite enough for a runny nose, and being very sneezy.

for me it is ...all i want to do is sleep all day then sleep all night that is how i know that i am getting sick

i never have time to sleep

For me it's feeling run down and a little scratchiness in the throat.

runny nose
sore throat
body aches

Every time I get a sore throat I know right then I'm getting a cold. But everyone is different.

If you exercise, you may notice that you're just a little low on energy for no good reason, or your muscles want to cramp up even though you have enough salt + electolytes.

The true common cold is caused by a rhinovirus, but a lot of other viruses that people refer to as a "cold" will cause the above, such as... just about every virus that has circulated so far this year.

If you drink as much gatorade as you can stand for the first couple of days that you just barely start to feel that you're coming down with something, it may stop you from getting sick.

I've started to keep germ wipes in my car, my house, and my locker at work. I do not touch my face, just like a restaurant worker, unless my hands are washed and about to be washed again... I think it helps.

runny nose for dc101 trivia

start of a cold :(

1] a scratchy sore throat

2] runny nose ( sneezing)

3] feverishness

awwwww you feel rough.....


radio trivia answer - RUNNY NOSE

good luck!

Anyone who said it varies or that it's different for everybody is correct. The initial symptoms are not the same for all people and may not be the same with every cold for the same person.

runny nose


li li b
runny nose

Sam E
trivia answer is runny nose

Runny Nose work for the B105.1 Radio Trivia

Starry Eyes
it's a sore throat for me


nikki! <3RDJ<3
a stuffed up nose

colin c
chill bumbs

The shivers.



sore throat, runny nose


The First Lady
I am recovering from a cold right now and can say that this time I had no "loud" warning signs - I just woke up last week and it was here.

It varies from one person to the next in addition - each time you catch a cold you don't experience the same symptoms.

Typically I will experience a throat discomfort (sore or scratchy); nasal and/or head congestion usually sets in once the cold is already present. You might experience chills, loss of appetite and tired.

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