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My tonsils are swollen and have white on them - they hurt very bad.. What can I do for the pain?
It hurts very bad when I try to swallow water or soup or anything.. It feels as if there is mucus stuck on them or something.. There are white spots on them and they're inflamed.

I have salt water but I'm not sure if that will even help at this point. What can I do for temporary pain relief until I am able to get chloraseptic fluid to spray on them?
Additional Details
I threw up last night, and afterwards that's when they started hurting pretty bad.. I feel sick now - probably from trying to swallow with the nastiness..

You can try gargling with the salt water however sounds like you have a throat infection (tonsilitis) so you may need antibiotics from the doc. Have you no painkillers at home such as paracetamol?

Go see a doctor asap ( and get a penicillin shot , if you are not allergic to penicillin).. The doctor always ask me if i want the shot or the pill. I take the shot it work faster.After the pain of my throat what's the pain of shot in the hip?( i don't notice the shot in my hip).The doctor will put you on antibiotics.
It want go away with home remedies.
It can get worse over time. I have had a lot of strep throat , there were times when my throat was so infected and swollen i could not talk. I have had strep twice so far this year.
How can you stand the pain ? Now when i get a throat infection i go to the doctor right away.

you gotta go to the doc. at this point. tonsilitis or strep..something like that and you need med to get over it.

You have a throat infection. Get to the doctor and get on some antibiotics. It will not go away unless you do and the pain will only get worse. Believe me, I have had quite a few of them in my lifetime.

If you have a fever too you should probably get it checked out. Strep throat can be dangerous. If not, take tylenol, drink and eat cold foods and liquids. Salt water gargles can help the discomfort. Fell better soon.

Go the doctors asap. Sounds like strep throat which can be dangerous to your heart.

i would immediately take a painkiller-tylenol or motrin.

and maybe even consult a doctor.

Circus gatti girl
First,try brushing your teeth usually why your tonsils are white is because there infected!Second,if it doesn't go away try seeing a doctor about it.Third it always good to eat ice cream to sooth your tonsils!!!


wow, go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. I had strep throat once and it was the MOST painful thing ever because I let it go so long before seeing a doctor. Over the counter pain meds will only dull the pain and for a short time only. You need to see a doctor so you can get some meds maybe even strong pain killers like vicodin or something.

Gargle with salt water. It won't stop the pain, but it may help.

Chloraseptic will only dull the pain temporarily. It sounds like you have infected tonsils, but that's for a doctor to determine. Call and make an appointment - it's time to get a professional on this case.

you have puss pockets in the folds of your throat. Go to the doctor. I hear drinking wostershire sauce will help the pain.

Sounds like you have "strep throat" this needs anti biotics to get rid of!!! Go to the doctor! This can stick around and make you even sicker if you dont get the antibiotics.

Sounds like Strep-Thraot. Gargling with warm salt water does help and so does pushing as many fluids as you can. Try taking 3 advil and then 2 hours later take 2 tylenol and repeat every 5 hours. I was given that advice for pain a while back. If it doesnt get any better in a few days i would go to a doctor.

Go to a doctor and get a test for strep throat. Don't delay. Strep is serious and it sounds like you may have it. For the pain you can gargle with salt water, use chloraseptic throat spray and use lozenges (N'ice works well for me.)

There could be many reasons they are swollen and sore. When mine where like that I went to a doctor and 4 days later had them removed. They where infected real bad and could have become dangerous to my health..
So by removing them I never got striped throat again and I never had to worry about them hurting any more.. { was 24 then}

gargling with warm salt- water will help, but won't cure it, it sounds like either strep throat or Mono., You do need to go to the doctor and get tested though, cause if it is strep-throat you will need anti-biotics the only way to cure it, but it does take time. If it is mono., there is no quick cure for it, it will heal itself in time, plenty of time and plenty of bed rest. Good Luck! Let me know what you find out.

Okay, I think I know what you're talking about. This happens to me too sometimes. Try to press gently on your tonsils. Press right under the opening at the top, near the middle of your tonsils. If you see a white thing poke out, keep pressing until it comes out. Do it until all of them come out (in both tonsils). But don't press too hard or too much or you'll get really sore. Those things are supposedly food that been storing up in your tonsils. It's kinda nasty, but I'd rather get them out myself, otherwise I can feel myself swallow them. Do this every time your tonsils start hurting. Good Luck!

Dont drink anything cold or hot, room temp only. Gargle with warm salt water and also with hydrogen peroxide, at different times. Medication wont help, trust me. You have mono.

You have either tonsilitis or strep throat - see your doctor.

I had a similar ailment recently, and I let it go so long that the bacteria kind of ate a hole into some of the soft skin on the back of my throat, and I ended up losing 10 pounds because it hurt so much to swallow that I could not eat.

Also, strep throat can be contagious for 2 weeks if it's not treated.

Kris L
Eat puffed Cheetos. I know ... your throat hurts, so WHY would I tell you to eat something 'rough' like a Cheeto? Because I've used them for 'sore throats' from tonsilitis to strep throat. There's salt and cheese on them, and that 'coats your throat' with the salt, which helps take the pain away. If you want, try eating frozen strawberries first ... they're 'hard' but if you chew them and 'swallow slowly' the ice can take down the swelling and relieve a little of the pain ... but the 'true pain relief' is in the PUFFED Cheetos. My doctor tried this when he had a bad sore throat, and now he 'prescribes this' for pain relief to his patients who have bad sore throats. Salt water will 'work' a little, but it's the 'cheese' that helps the salt ADHERE to the soreness that really makes the 'pain relief' work better.

Mickie K
Go to the doc, have them removed. Chloraseptic will not help. Salt water will not help. Over the counter pain relievers might help a little but the only way to really stop it is to go see your doctor and have your tonsils removed and make sure that's what it is and not something else.

bronte heights
It sounds like you have strep throat. Please go to the doctor asap. If left untreated in can damage your heart.

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