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My throat is sore, just finished my course of antibiotics....?
I dont get it, ive always been prone to sore throats, at age of 7 i had my tonsils removed...now at the age of 17 im still getting sore throats over the pass 2months ive had two course of antibiotics, penicillin...i really dont wanna go back to the doctors again and complain about my throat! any ideas? will my throat recover in a couple of days just getting use to the antibiotics finishing? if that makes sense thanks!

heres a really good remedy.. a generous tablespoon of honey with a squirt of lemon juice, use the jif lemon juice if u cant get the real thing,, add hot water & sip.. do this nightly as often as possible.. honey is a natural antibiotic.. try it for a while, it works... good luck...

Try the antiseptic/antibiotic/anaesthetic lozenges from Superdrug (around a pound). They are really good. My partner suffers from recurrent tonsillitis, he asked to have them removed but his doctor said the infection would just find somewhere else to go. Looks like that is what has happened to you. Hope the soreness goes soon; if the antibiotics haven't worked, looks like you will just have to wait.

miss medic
If you FINISHED your penicillin, you should be better, it won't continue to get better in a few days from the penicillin. Penicillin would have worked by now if you were on the 10-14 day course.

Did you have your ADENOIDS removed as well as your tonsils?

Could you have a sinus infection causing the pharyngitis? Sinus infections are a PEST to get rid of as they are becoming resistant to so many antibiotics. (this is why people are cautioned about making sure they take the WHOLE course of antibiotics, and only take antibiotics when they have a BACTERIAL case not a VIRAL case of a sinus infection or other infection).

If you still have a sinus infection, then you NEED to make sure you are on something to fix that---or, the pharygitis will not go away. Also, if it is VIRAL, not bacterial, the antibiotics wont fix it. And, if it is from post nasal drip causing the pharyngitis---this hurts bad too---then, antibiotics wont exactly fix that either. *unless it is a sinus infection causing the post nasal drip.

I would recommend going back to the doc ASAP so they know it didn't get better and is not a re-occuring case, but the SAME case.

Penicillin is a good drug, but, it is resisted by some germs already.

Hope this helps....if you want, I can recommend some over the counter stuff until you can get in to see the doc. I have had bad pharyngitis for YEARS every 2 months. FINALLY not getting it after my tonsils were removed.

good luck.

go 2 the shop and buy honey and lemon
dont buy the ready made one
make it your self and use a tea spoon to drink it make
sure the liquid touch ur throat
works with in a few secs

Jhon S
when u take a lot of antibiotic , the antibiotic can kill " good bacterias" that u need consequently ur organism can be vunerable to other symptons like the throat one. U gotta place the good bacterias back into ur organism, u can do that by taking yorguts probiotic that come with them.

dels replies
Sore throat probably due to virus, like a cold, and will not be affected by antibiotics, Try antiseptic throat lozenges..

Lesley H
i know how you feel, i'm a carrier of strep throat, which means i always have the infection in my body. i'm 12. i had surgey, i had my tonsils out, a bunch of diffrent cells, and tubes in my ears taken out. didn't work. i missed 21 days of school last year, it's so hard. i feel your pain. you might want to go to a stronger anitboitic, if it doens't go away in a week, it most likly means the disease is still in you and the antibiotic wasn't strong enough. penicillin is a very weak medicine, well not strong, so go to your doctor in a week if it foesn't go away! good luck! <3

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