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My kitten has an Eye infection! What can I do?
She's in a lot of pain. She keeps sneezing and although I clean her eye out from time to time, it keeps getting nasty looking and has pus. I am not sure whether I should or should NOT clean her eyes out because it may need to heal naturally. Although, she is healthy. What can I do to heal her eye?

~ Sadly I can't afford vets ...
Is there anything else besides
that? There must be something....

Please help me. She's very dear to me, and I really want her to be healthy. Please help me.
Additional Details
Pleas help me, I don't like seeing him suffer!

aww.. sorry but i hate cats.. shoot it! :D

Maria B

QUICK!!!!! Throw it away!!!!!

~~∞§arah T∞©~~
Remove the eye.

sounds like a common eye infection, i would say keep it away from other animals and just pat down it's eye with a warm damp cloth to get all the pus and crusties away since you cant afford vet bills.

Ashlynn B
My cat had the same problem.

Solution: Get a warm tea bag and put it on the cat's eyes, also give the cat some cold tea. Trust me it should help.

call the vet A.S.A.P && describe the condition && pray that they can give u sum non-money needing information//advice...

Poor thing! Call the vet and ask them what to do.

this may be a bad sickness. i know you cant afford a vet but it may be life threatening. there is really nothing you can do except for a vet. maybe you could ask a close friend or family member to help you with the vet bill.
if you find a cheap vet, it is only around 40 dollars.

good luck, i hope she gets better.


eye infecting .

alicia g
things you will need.

and peroxide.
wash rag.

take the wash rag and damp it with luke warm water.

wash off all the crust and stuff.

the dip the q-tip in the peroxide and clean all around his eye.

do this as needed.

I think you should keep the cat's eye clean,for one.Keep cleaning the eye out with a wash rag..

Hmm..if you can't afford the vets,then,I honestly don't know what else to say.
=/,poor kitty.
Good luck.

vet whats worth more health or money

Christy SD Nurse
only antibiotics are going to heal an infection. A vet is the only way to go

Cat Pink Eye

"Cat pink eye in most cases is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It could also be caused by minor causes such as wind, allergens for an eyelash in the eye. Treatment involves flushing the eye adn using medicated eye drops in the case of infection."

Cat conjunctivitis or pink eye is a fairly common ailment in cats. It is an infection of the eye which is characterized by redness and inflammation. In most cases it is caused by the viral infection Feline Herpes Virus. The next most common cause is the bacteria chlamydophila. Fungal infections are possible but rare.

Environmental factors can cause eye redness such as wind, allergens such as pollen (follicular conjunctivitis) and foreign objects such as an eyelash.

If your cat is in pain then it is usually due to other causes such as keratitis (inflammation over the colored portion of the eye - the iris), uveitis (inflammation of the inside of the eye behind the cornea) and glaucoma (high blood pressure in the eye).

If this condition is left untreated it could lead to blindness.

Symptoms of Cat Pink Eye
As the name suggests, cat conjunctivitis causes the covering of the eyeball to take on a pronounced pinkish color. In addition, the eyelid and surrounding area may become swollen and inflamed. There may be a noticeable discharge from the eye. Your cat may have difficulty opening her eye or blinking normally.

Diagnosis of Cat PInk eye
If the pink eye is only in one eye then your cat is probably suffering from a virus such as Feline Herpes Virus (FIV). If the condition is in both eyes then your cat is probably suffering from a bacterial infection.

Your veterinarian may take a sample to view under a microscope.

Treatment for Cat Pink Eye
If the pink eye is mild, and any discharge is clear and watery you may be able to treat the condition at home using a solution designed to irrigate the eye. Your should call your veterinarian for a consultation and possible visit if you see no improvement in 24 hours.

If the pink eye is more severe such as crusty eyelids or signs of mucus, then you should seek veterinary treatment. It is important to seek treatment if your cat has symptoms of pink eye because untreated, it could lead to vision problems.

Treatment for more severe cases involves keeping the eye clean and applying antibiotics throughout the day. The type of antibiotic drop changes based on the underlying cause.

If your cat frequently suffers from mild conjunctivitis you might want to research a natural remedy such as Eye-Heal which is made specifically for the natural treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Shannon E.
Take her to a vet.

She's probably got an upper respiratory infection. I'm not sure of her age, but they can be very serious, particularly in kittens. She needs some antibiotics from a vet. See if her ver will accept payments. I'm sorry, but if you can't afford to take her to the vet for a pretty routine thing, perhaps you should rethink having a cat.

Pinky S
Look it up at purina.com or something, and ask one of the experts.

If she is sneezing and her eyes are oozing then he really should be seen by a vet because it could very well be cat flu, And that is not good at all. Cat flu can kill kittens and even with treatment she might have a damaged immune system.

Even if it isn't Cat flu she really should be seen by a vet, There are shelters that provide free vet care to people who can't afford it. And some vets have payment plans.

Other than that just keep bathing her eye with cooled boiled water [Still hot but not hot enough to burn her] but if there is any way you see a vet then please do. I hope everything works out for you and your pet.

It's me
i have 6 cats andi can help you is it a Persian they have pushed in faces and they have goop in there eyes all the time. e mail me sometime it's on my page.

I think you should take her to a professional and they will give you stuff to give her and ugo there until she don't have an eye infection dont clean it out your self just take her to a vet.

If you can't afford a vet then you can't afford a pet. Take a warm wet towel and clean it off. If it doesn't go away in a month or two then you really need to get it checked out.

Sadly, your cat could go blind from this if she does not receive medication. You need to find a free veterinary clinic in your area. If you can't find one, you should give your cat up to someone who can afford vet care so your cat doesn't go blind or even die from this infection. It could be conjunctivitis or an Upper Respiratory Infection or something even worse than that. If not treated, sadly certain eye infections spread throughout the eye and cause the eye to become CAKED shut. I know it would be hard to give her up, but if you love her so much I know you want the best for her. First, you should really try and find a free clinic though. Good luck and I'm sorry about this.

Look for animal free clinics. Also, call around to some vets and say you're a perspective patient--well, your kitty is. One more idea which may even be best--go to:


They show listings of no kill rescue places on this site--according to where you are etc.(You have to look for the organizations name and email them) Tell them the problems you're having ( i hope you only have 1 cat because many of these viruses spread quickly.
Check for cat adoption events in your area. These are groups who bring animals to be adopted. Many of the groups have at least 1 veterinarian involved in their group. You can usually email them and get references to services in your area to help you out. Good luck!

Ally K
you can call a vet or clinic, they dont charge for that and they can give you some good advice

^v^ aka Obama Biden Laden 08!
Take a warm wash cloth and gently rub the infected eye. Most kittens get these types of infections and they will grow out of it. Just keep ot clean like you have been doing and it will be fine.

Be VERY careful not to pry the eye lids open, just gently rub until they open on their own.

I know it is hard when you do not have the money to take a pet to the vet, and this is about the best you can do until then.

Like I said it will grow out of it as the kitten's body naturally gets over the infection.

When you do get the money it wouldn't hurt having it checked out. They will give you some eye drops to place in the kittens eye to help it get over the infection sooner.

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT listen to the advice about putting peroxide (or anything else for that matter) in or around the kittens eye! That will only cause it more pain! How many time have you heard of putting peroxide around somethings eye! Good lord!

You have to take your kitten to a Vet. Borrow the money if you have to. My Vet charges about $35 for an office visit. That's not a lot of money. They have charged as little as $6 for drugs. It would be very cruel of you, if you don't take him and just let him suffer like that!

Not having the money is not an excuse. When you choose to have a pet, you are responsible for its medical care and well-being.

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