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 Can you die from this??
Ok..my best friend has a stomach ulcer...and I was just wanting to know if she could die from it? Cuz Im scared to death for her..and is there any thing she can do to help it.....

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How much does hand sanitizer cost? the biggest 1...

 Could such a thing as zombies ever exist?
In zombie movies they never give much of an explaination of how it happened.

Actually in the game Resident Evil, unlike the movie, it's more indepth, and it says that the T-virus ...

 Can the cold & flu virus be transmitted by going on line & via e-mail?
We can transmit just about everything over the internet to the point where we expect a live response. So, why not a cold or flu virus. The virus would go to your finger tips onto the keys of the ...

 Why do you think that there have been so many ecoli outbreaks in produce lately?
The tainted spinach, the tomatoes, and now green onions at Taco Bell. What is going on? Curious what you think!...

 Does getting a bath when you have chicken pox make things worse???

 Can kiss transmitt HIV?
What if the HIV+ person's gum is bleeding and he kissed somebody on hand, and somebody rubbed his eyes?...

 My friend thinks she has mono, how do we know if she has it and what can she do to prevent it in the future?

 How can I cure a urinary tract infection before seeing a doctor?
I 've purchased AZO and it didn't work. Any ideas? anyone?...

 Blood Tests?
I have recently had a blood test and am awaiting results, the sample has been sent off for thyroid problems and glandular fever, do they check for anything else such as hiv or anything, not that i ...

 Can stress caus chest pain?
ive been dealing with chest pain for a while its hard to explain cause its numorous pains first off a little under both callor bones there is sweelling and its getting harder they were soft at first ...

 Would you be angry if?
would you be angry if the cure for cancer, aids and other major diseases has been found years ago, but is still undergoing 'tests' and wont be availible for another 5-10 years?...

 What kind of sickness do you have if you can't drink acidic drinks?

 A friend of mine is feeling really sick, and needs to go to the emergency room but she can't afford to.?
I reading on my local hospital's website that a person can qualify for full coverage if you're under the 200% poverty range ($48,260 yearly/$4,021.67 monthly.) Three out of 5 family ...

 Hi my mom is in intensive care unit with sepsis she has now been placed a kidney dialysis machine?
and began opening her eyes today. what does this all mean? her infectious disease doctor also put her on different ...

 What is the long form of AIDS?

 Bladder Infection??
I was diagnosed with bladder infection I took the meds that they perscribed tell they were gone & then the infection came back ,so I went to the clinic & they said yes its back or was never ...

 Bitten by mouse - am I in trouble now?
I've just been bitten by a mouse which my cat brought me during the night. I've washed, bled, and disinfected the wound. Am I in any kind of danger here, and what should I probably do next (...

 Love cats or hate them????
good evening,lately i have been very frightend of cats as in a phobia they used to be my favourite among all well after dogs....but cats there was an incident when a cat came chasing after me for no ...

My eye keeps on flinching. what do you think is wrong?
my eye started to flinch starting from three days ago.
it's not 'tic' or whatever you call it. (i think)
my eye doesn't blink rapidly it just suddenly ...flinches.
sry can't really find the right word for it.
do you think it's just cuz i'm too tired?
it doesn't hurt.

Go see an eye doctor. He can solve your problems. He is an eye doctor.

Sawyers girl
Its probley nothing just apply hot towels for about 20min a few times a day that should help

got off the drugsss lady then wait 3 days then watch HBO at 1200 o clock dont need 2 explain the rest. :D

You might need glasses.

Well, if you can't open the that eye all the way its probably a stye. That is all I know.

I hate when that happens! A nurse told me once that it's an indication that your body needs calcium. Have a couple glasses of milk... it's worked for me in the past. Worth a shot, anyway!

Good luck!

It's a nerve twitching.

Why do you say it is not a tic? You are exactly describing a tic, or muscle spasm, and they are brought on or worsened by stress.

pink kitty
it sounds like a muscle spasm, they happen all the time- they are just more annoying when they happen on your face. It might last a while, but no worries, most of the time you are the only one aware that it is happening.

it's called a nervatic cadirack twitch i have them once a blue moon it's nothing to worry about. If you dont beleave me aske your doctor/physician.

Obama 08
i thinks it is just your nerves

dunno but i think it feels good

it's like yor eye twitches alittle bit i get it too its cause your stressed out about something it's also due to lack of sleep and your nerves...

your fine
it has happened to me before a few
times in my life time and I
have survied

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