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janine w
My daughter is bit by a hamster then the hamster died two days later. does the hamster carry rabies?
we bought the hamster three weeks ago and it bit my daughter. two days later it died. the hamster looks weak the day before it died yet it still runs when we try to get it from its cage. the hamster always gets wet in its water dish even before the bite. the 5 hamsters in the cage with it is still alive. its been 8 days now and my daughter was given a tetanus shot as a preventive measure for the future when we brought her to a medical facility. the wound has healed on her finger even before the second day. should she be given rabies shot? what might have cause the death of the hamster?

doug s
oh my god!she will surely die now.pray for mercy and perhaps,with the sacrifice of a true virgin,she may be spared.

I think the hamster and your daughter may have rabies. Take her to the emergency room ASAP.

Animal Control in your area AND your / a vet should have been notified upon the biting of your daughter AND ESPECIALLY the day the hamster died. The proper people would have done a head exam for rabies. Have the other 5 tested, as a precaution. In the meantime, watch your daughter and notify the doc of the problem. They can tell you specifically what to watch for. With luck, she's ok. I understand that rabies shots can be an ordeal.

Obviously, you don't have a clue about getting 'a rabies shot'.
It's not like a tetanus shot.
I'm sure the hamster was not rabid--it was probably killed by the other hamsters because it was weak--they do that.
I'm sure she'll be fine.

Why are you asking these people. How about a vet and a doctor.

Hamsters bought in stores like that can die from a multitude of things being wrong with it - the chances of it being rabies though is slim to none. The hamster probably died from stress or it may have died from pneumonia from getting wet and from the change of environment - they are very fragile animals and can die very easily.


sometimes hampsters die shortly after they are purchased. if you gave it city water it may be the chlorine in the water. also their have been problems with dog food i wonder if there are problems with hamster food as well. Also if the shavings contain certain chemicals they may have combined with the water and were ingested by the animal killing it. It could be a number of things. You should see a doctor and take the dead hampster to the vet to have it tested.

Did you follow upi with and inform your daughter's pediatrician???? Why don't you get off this computer and do that right now. See what the doctor recommends.

As far as the cause of death of the hamster, you've gotten a few intelligent answers but if you've destroyed the body, you will never really know.

If the hamster was born in captivity and never around any wild animals, there is no way it could have been carrying the rabies virus.

tell me tell me tell me
Small rodents almost never carry rabies. The risk of rabies is minimal, and probably does not warrant the risk of post-exposure prophylaxis (which is not without risk). Check with your doc.

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