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My boyfriend has a staph infection. can you get it from kissing?
Its on his leg, i didnt touch it but we kissed. help please

No probably not ;but staph infections are very contagious and should be treated with very strong anti-biotics. So just steer clear of him for a few days....

A staph infection on the leg (skin) may be what is called impetigo and is a bacterial infection. Your boyfriend should see his physician because bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, and he wouldn't want it to spread or get worse. This condition can be contagious with contact. If he had a throat or respiratory infection and you kissed; you could be exposed through kissing due to contact, or saliva/droplet exchange.

dear girl
this kind of scar only transmit by direct contact. kissing is from lips. then they dont relate each other. it doesnt tansfer from kissing

mother of 2
staph is a blood infection,,, call your Dr.

Stephanie V
NO hunny. you can not get it from kissing his leg. i had one when i was in the hospital for 2 months and it needs to be treated ASAP. Most of the time a lot ppl who are in the hospital for long periods of time end up developing one. it is usually from having open cuts or wounds. and not being covered. i had one because i had blood drawn like every hour from me and etc....but be careful. i honestly would slow down on the whole being intimate with one another until he is completely okay.

dont kiss his leg

yes you can get it. you probably already have it. you need to get checked out.

About a third of the population is already colonized with the common staph germ that is present on the skin. You boyfriend may have scratched himself or had the germ enter his body in some other way. Make sure he takes all his antibiotics, practice good hygiene and always wash your hands around him. Don't get any pus from his infection on you. You probably won't get infected but you may already carry the staph germ since this is very common. Whether you show signs of infection would depend on your immune status but probably you won't if you are young, healthy and use good hygiene. Also, make sure his Dr didn't tell him he has the MRSA variety of staph since this is much more serious. good luck

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