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 Can anything stop you getting the flu bug,thats going around?
especially when you have been around people that have it....

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 What do you think?
ive had food poisoning before and have had the stomach flu several times as well. but what i have now i cant figure out. goin on 4 days now with severe diareah, i mean severe, first day i made 15 ...

 Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
can you get hiv from smoking (cigarettes) after someone?
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thanks everybody you all made me think about the situation very closely, and it helped alot. ...

 Does HIV spread by mosquitos??
pleeaz answer ...

 My husband has high fever, what should I do to help him?

 The doctor said i have Jaundice! But i have been tested Hepa A B C negative. Is jaundice contagous?
I hd a hepatitis A 10 yrs ago and I hve been well. I hve no history of drinking alcohol, smoking, etc.Few months ago I had an LFT Test because a friend told me my eyes are so yellow and mybe i have J...

 If you dont get treatment for hep what could happen?
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 Did you know???
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 Strep Throat Question?
My Doctor diagnosed me with strep throat on tuesday and said if i wasnt feeling better by thursday to call him. now, i am feeling a tiny bit better, i have been taking the antibiotics as directed, ...

 I rarely (if ever) take antibiotics - benefit or not?
I understand antibiotics are becoming less effective as time moves on, with the potential for them to become virtually worthless in the (near?) future.

Is this for people who take them ...

 â€śHepatitis B” Question please help.?
A friend and I were walking home last night when we came across a badly beaten man laying in a pool of blood; we called an ambulance and stayed and helped the man until the paramedics arrived.

 What is the solution to chronic ulcer ?
i have been suffer from ulcer for the past six years, taken different prescription and yet not ...

 My wife is suffering from , nausea, vomiting., direaaha and fever, any suggestions?
All this after eating heavy spicey meal....

 Cold sores?
if sumone has a coldsore on their lip and puts cream on it and it heals and goes away then kisses sumone after its gone and heeled is there still a chance that person may catch it?...

 What are acceptable foods for a stomach flu/bug?
I have a stomach bug and I was wondering what foods are ok when you have a stomach bug. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC...

 My daughter has chicken pox when can i send her back to school?
she had a couple on sunday, about 5 yesterday and this morning she is covered from head to toe in the little bumps?...

 Does HIV spread through mosquito bites?

 How does a man get a urinary track infection, and how do you cure it?

 White stuff all over and under my tonsils. Went to the Doc's and Strep came back negative. Wtf is this?
I went to the doctors four days ago. At that time, only the right side of my throat was in serious pain, and there were a couple white spots under my tonsils. The strep test for that came back ...

My 4 year old has a fever and headache what could be wrong?

Additional Details
she has been complaining her head hurts and just seems to have no energy

any number of things....give him/her paracetamol and take him/her to the doctor

Doesn't matter what we think, get your child into the doctor!

Children are not adults and there system can not handle high fevers.

well for staters he could have whatever is going around so you should do is give him some childrens motrin. take his temp and call the dr. you can even reach the dr on call.

It could be a virus, you should see a doctor if it's high, they had to give my 8 month old a I.V. and he was better after that, but got a briuse on his arm from the needle......

Anytime a child or adult has a fever, it's an indication that the body is fighting off some type of infection, virus, etc. You must take the child to see the doctor (especially since very young children are still developing their immune systems). Don't give the child anything for the fever unless a doctor tells you to. Take the child to the doc asap. It's better if he/she says the child has a small cold than to wait too long and receive worse news.

cold/ flu/ head cold sorry to hear it i know how it is i have 2yr . you can always go to webmd.com good luck

I always check the temp if it is real high take them to the doctor quick 103. but if it is low give the child a bath in Luke warm water to try and bring down the fever, it also works if it is high , but always call the doc to see if the child is needed to be seen, also ask the child if he hit his head,has a sore throat. the things that could help you feel Little better. if it was a hit on the head and he has a bump. a head trauma could also cause the same, fever ,head ache

they sick

Take her to the hospital, hope she gets better.

flu possibly, if it gets really bad(like the fever gets way high or her energy drops to pass out/faint)take her to the hospital.

Caught the cold? take him/her to the doctor asap to see for any problems

they could have the flu. Check their temp with a thermomter and make sure it isn't too high. If it is over 100 I'd call your dr. and ask. From my experience I've noticed that motrin works very well.
If he/she has purple spots on their chest take them immediately to the E.R.

Flu. It is flu season.

Please don't try to get a diagnosis online without a physical exam and without diagnostics and without a doctor. It can't be done.

Treat his symptoms and if you don't see significant improvement within 3 or 4 days or if you see a worsening in less time than that, take him to his pediatrician.

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