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 What kills tapeworms? I mean home remedies?

Additional Details
NOT FOR ME, For my animals....

 Can a virus last 6 wks?
I got flu/bad cold symptoms feb 14th. Slowly improved over the next week then it hit hard again. Saw MD + he said sinus infection. Got augmentin for 10 days. 2 days after antibiotics ended I was ...

 How much cranberry juice a day should I drink to prevent Urinary tract infections?

 Any help out there? I have flu after the jab. I want to be completely fit by the 16th for a wedding.?

Additional Details
No. I did not expect it. I had full faith in it. I have since spoken to the pharmacist and she says its a common occurrence. Dead or alive its still doing ...

 Can someone please help!!?
I am very sick and my doctor just faxed a letter to me telling me i am not a loud to go to school untl my fever goes down. And i have a low grade fever and a few other symptoms like my chest is ...

 Does black plague is dtill around us today?
i think ...

 Does anyone know of any effective, but safe, home remedies for curing an ear infection?
I don't have any insurance and I am a broke college ...

 MRSA, Are you scared?
Remember when the government created mass hysteria over bird flu?
Should they have been focusing on MRSA instead?...

 How many of you would go through a stem cell transplant for disease you had?
I went through one and wanted to see what other people felt about it for themselves....

 Flu shot and pneumonia shot,?
(earlier re-post, sorry for spelling error... yea.. nice chuckle)

I am a 21 year old male, healthy, in sales and deal with alot of people.
I am thinking about getting a Flu shot and P...

 Who is the founder of aids?

 Is yeast infection the same as cooking yeast?

 If it gets worse and worse, can you die from strep throat??

 What can I do to prevent from getting a cold from someone who is already sick?
My boyfriend just recently got a cold. We live together. What can I do so I don't get sick?...

 Could an expired drug still be effective?
I was given an anti flu vaccine last Feb 3, 2007 i noticed the expiry was last January 2007. I discuss it to the medical personnel and he said that there is a 3 month grace period for this vaccine. ...

 Can i mix ibuprofen (2 liquid Advil's) with acetaminophen (2 Tylenol Pm's)?
I am SO SICK with a stomach virus (called the nordic or nornic virus). The doc. says there's nothing I can do but let it run its course. I want to sleep SO BAD, but can't due to the body ...

 My bro in law is coming back from africa ( sudan ) and i have a 2 week old child- should he stay clear ?
should he get checked out by a dr. my bro in law - not my kid !...

 How can I tell my partner that I have herpes with out her leaving?

 Is it possible for me to have cat scratch fever?
My 6-month old cat scratched me pretty bad yesterday. I was trying to shew her off the table and she tripped and grabbed on to my arm on the way down.

Today, I was showering and I noticed I...

 Is it possible to catch HIV from manicures/pedicures?
I just has a mani and pedi done 3 days ago and a few hours before I had my toes done, I had cut my ankle pretty bad while shaving. I had 2 bandages over it, but there was also another cut on my ankle ...

Little white what look like worms and tiny black bugs under skin and now attacking eye what is it and help plz
these little black bugs smaller than a flea all around the house out and in they hop to then go under skin and i guess leave little white worms and are very painful
Additional Details
ty for your answers but i found out that they are parasites from some bad watermelon and am in pross of suing store

get to a doctor and seriously clean your house

In actual fact, scabies, which are like a small tick burrow under the skin. They leave a small red mark where they enter and then there is a small track to them. Mainly they start to enter at the hands and feet and then if left untreated move to the rest of the body, creating lots of itchiness.

Regarding your eye.... go see a doctor. You can get rid of these by some lotions at your drug store but if this is what you have then you may need an injection to combat it and a full examination.

Also while they live off the body for days.... your house must be fumigated by professionals.

Lisa M
Bed bugs, get help quick.They bite,I am not sure if they go in your skin.They are making a come back.Did you bring any used furniture in your house lately?Good Luck!

Get to a Doctor Fast!

And Clean Your House!

i think maybe you should go see a doctor....he/she could help.

God bless!!


gross. could be a tick. where do u live? is it in a tick infested area? do u have any pets?

Sounds like ticks.

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