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Is there any permanent cure for the T.B. desease Is it possible that after full treatment TB it can comes back
Is there any permanent cure for T.B. desease or Is it possible that after full treatment of this chest desease namely TB, it can comes back?

There are cure for TB. A large doses of antibacterial drugs BUT if it will not affect you again is uncertain because bacteri has the tendency to mutate in a way it is already to resistant to drugs. I just hope it won't. God bless!

dr b
yes.now there are medicine in india when antitubercular treatment is not responding.
yes t.b. can return
best is-incease your resistant power.

Yes .

It is almost eliminated from western world.

But once you have it you do become a carrier.

It can reoccur if your immune system is under stress, this is true of lots of other ailments.

We have a cure for the old Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but there are other acid fast organisms causing a form of TB that are resistant. It is not impossible for a patient to get reinfected after more exposure.

Melinda C
No, there is no permanent cure, and drug-resistant TB is a big problem in prisons and other facilities where people are forced to live close together and breathe the same air. MDR-TB is more difficult to treat than drug-susceptible strains of TB. The success of treatment depends upon how quickly a case of TB is identified as drug resistant and whether an effective drug therapy is available. The second-line drugs used in cases of MDR-TB are often less effective and more likely to cause side effects.The World Health Organization estimates that up to 50 million persons worldwide may be infected with drug resistant strains of TB. Also, 300,000 new cases of MDR-TB are diagnosed around the world each year
FDA has approved Rifater, a medication that combines the three main drugs (isoniazid, rifampin, and pyrazinamide) used to treat tuberculosis into one pill. This reduces the number of pills a patient has to take each day and makes it impossible for the patient to take only one of the three medications, a common path to the development of MDR-TB.
Hope this helps. Please go get tested if you have any symptoms, or even if you don't - for peace of mind.

neil m
the main cause of T.B is a micro organism called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.It has a very slow rate of metabolism and acts very insidiously.this low rate of metabolisms causes a long period of time for drugs to interact and kill the bacteria.so the patient has to be treated for a long period of time,sometimes up to two years.Because of presence of bacterial resistance to drugs it is recommended that the patient receive multidrug regimen.The most important thing about T.B is the general condition of immune system.many of us have received the bacteria by air but will never get the disease because the immune system never lets the bacteria to replicate and cause the disease.In special conditions like (chemotherapy-HIV-malnutrition..) the immune system loses its strenght against T.B and it causes an overwhelming disease.So, hopefully, if the disease is controlled by drugs and the immune system works properly, it will never come back again.


Tuberculosis (popularly known as TB) is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It mainly infects the lungs, although it can affect other organs as well. When a patient with untreated TB coughs or sneezes, the air is filled with droplets containing the bacteria. Inhaling these infected droplets is the usual way in which a person gets TB.

Signs and Symptoms- Chill, Fever, weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite and cough.

U do not have time guessing and thinking, OK

Look! The Eastern Asia, America and Africa is striving hard to face TB appearing in new incurable form which is hardly responding to treatment,

Before U reach that stages find the BEST allopathic specialist and parallely explore for Ayurvedic medicines websites mentioned below and tone up ur body make it healthy enough to be capable of medicine intake atleast at severe stages. U should gain wieght and maintain proper weight always to survive or cure.

I have seen people(patients) still healthy and settled with families without any recurrence of the disease
and also
I have seen my nearest breathing the last for the disease simply b.coz of body weakness medical treatment could not be properly administered due to lungs failure of the patient.

I wish to see U again on this page more Healthy !
Take care, act NOW ! explore all the weblinks below,
Please consult ur doctor and try proven Ayurveda remedies as well after allopathy

Good Luck

At best TB is contained; at worst, it can return in a more drug-resistant form

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