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Is there a way to see if you had chickenpox?
I don't know if I ever had it, but I'm curious. Also does someone know if the chickenpox shot needs to be renewed?

linda g
have doc give a blood test i thought my son never had them come to find out it stays in there blood if u have ha it

have a titer drawn at the lab for varicella. this is not generally covered by insurance and can be a costly out of pocket expense. talk to your doctor or the health dept about a varicella booster.

I had wondered the same thing myself for many years up until late last year when I came down with the virus while pregnant. I was very sick and hospital for a few days. (I also took many weeks to recover) I would suggest that if you are unsure have a blood test to see if you have any antibodies to the virus. If you havent had the virus. Then get yourself immunised, I have read that it can cause infertility in males. Chicken pox can also cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and death (These are rare)
You only need one shot for this unless you have had a serious illness (like cancer) and then you need to have boosters of all your shots.

If you're curious enough, you can have blood drawn to check for varicella antibodies.

Ask your parents!

If you had it, you probably have at least one scar...looks like a pit in your skin & never changes.

If you HAD it, you should be immune forever. But in today's "super-bug environment"----I'd get it redone to be safe.

You can be drawn for antibody titers. The vaccine is considered to give lifetime immunity. At this time boosters are not considered necessary but this is under study.

Usually depending on your age, you had a shot to enter school. I think it a one time thing, not remember to say for sure.
IF, you had Chickenpox and no one can tell you. You will most times have one or more scars from it. They small and hard to find, unless they in a noticeable place.

The medical assistant (above) is absolutely correct.
You need to be checked for immunity. Most likely you need a booster shot.
Good luck!

You can have blood work to see if you are immune to the virus. You would only need a booster shot for varicella if you are not immune.

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