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 Black stool?
So about twice today I have had a much darker than normal stool. I wouldn't say that it was jet black, but it was pretty dark/black.

I am kind of freaking out because they say that ...

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my son has had a sore head for a few days today i took him to the doctors she noticed a few spots which he then decided were very itchy, that was about ten o clock this morning the doctor said it was ...

 How do you catch bipolar do you catch it from someone who has it ?

 Spit on by a sick person..will I get sick?
Today in a (small) classroom, a girl coughed, and I felt a bit of spit land on the bottom rim of my nostril. Not necessarily in my nose, but close. I forgot, and didn't really wipe it. It was ...

 Can you get HIV from saliva?
I want to know if you can HIV from being in the pool from ...

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I have them all over my mouth.What arw they caused from?...

 What is the treatment for chicken pox?
If the infected person faints often what should be done....

 Please can someone descride the symptoms of lyme disease....?
i have a rash and will be going to the doctor to investigate but im worried, it started off in a circle shape and has now got much larger! it's itchy and is no longer a round shape and looks ...

 I've had chicken pox can can i catch it again?
i have sun imples that itch and cause i am traveling out in the ...

 Modern living has made the people of india weak,unhealthy & disease-prone?

 How do you know if you have AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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can metronidazole give me a yeast infection? my doctor prescribed me metronidazole and now im paranoid that its giving me a yeast infection. if so what do i do because i have 4 more days left on this ...

 What is Naproxeno? 500 mg tabletas?
is it an ...

 What are the risks of putting your fingers in your mouth?
I bite my lips with my fingers a lot. It's a bad habit.
What risks am I facing? Can it cause fungi or smthg?...

 HIV, buying earrings on e-bay?
Theirs a pair or earrings I absolutely LOVE on e-bay. Problem is I'm worried someone has worn them. And they probably have, but I'm worried the person may have HIV. Is their a way I can ...

 How long do tetnus shots last?

Additional Details
ooops! tetanus shot!...

 Antibiotic eye drops?
Where can you purchase Antibiotic Eye Drops, for minor infection?

What are the names of them?...

Is the drug " cephalexin", used for both humans and animals.?
I Just got this prescription for my dog and when I looked on the internet for results, it spoke of human consumption as well.

Mary Who?
Yes. Please don't use a human prescription on your dog or vice versa. The quality of the drug may be different and the strengths will certainly be different as it is prescribed by weight.

Two mths ago I got a script filled for an infection in my gums, I went to the quick care cause it was a holiday weekend. I've never been prescribed cephalexin before, but he gave me 500mg. It did the job by the way.

yes it is-but Im not sure if the make-up {ingrediant strength and chemical make-up} is the same.

Denise M
many drugs are used for animals and humans..

remember, they test human drugs on animals.

a bacterial infection is a bacterial infection, no matter which mammal it resides in.

Just wait till they give your dog Prozac..that'll blow your mind!

yep. Same drug. there are a LOT of drugs that both humans and animals use. But never give you animal any of your meds without first asking your vet

It is indeed, just as amoxycillin is. Both are anti-biotics, but target different things.

rebecca b
yes it is an antibiotic and it works on both human and animal i rescue sick dogs and that is always what we use on animals with parvoe or other infections.

Robin B
Yes, but at different strengths and with different buffers or fillers, or whatever. Humans shouldn't consume the dogs and visa-versa!

It is exactly the same. No problem with a human taking it.

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