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green eyed monster
Is taking antibiotics without having an infection bad for you? (read details)?
my signs and symptoms were: frequency/urgency with urination
doc diagnosis: urinary tract infectioned

1. she prescribed bactrim (an antibiotic)
2. she ordered a urine analisis and sensitivity

(she ordered the antibiotic before she saw the results of the urine test).

5 days later (i was on the bactrim for 5 days), lab called me and said "no infection in the urine".

sooooo....tooc antibiotic for nothing.

is that ok?
why do doctors do that? i mean, why do they prescribe stuff left and right before they know if the patient has an infection or not???

John P
You should only take Antibiotics when you really need them....

The reason being, is if you take to many on a regular basis...
your bodys system can eventually become IMMUNE to antibotics
then they no longer work!
If your going to use them, dont abuse them....you might really need Antibiotic's one day!
I say it is better to have them and not need them....
rather than the other way around!

Alot of people go to their doctors looking for the quick fix pill, so they have got into the habit of prescribing something, right away. I throw their prescriptions out, you aren't forced to take it or buy it. Antibiotics are widely over prescribed and over used...thus we are breeding stronger bacteria and alot wrecking havoc on our system, it's name means, against life...take it as little as possible and always take a bottle round, follow directions, of acidolphilus afterwards to replenish the healthy bacteria that our bodies need. I personally think alot of doctors don't suggest healthier alternative because of kickbacks from the pharm. companies and laziness.

Your doctor was justified. If she had waited it could get really bad. Now you probably need to get your Yeast balance back or it could start smelling and itching. I heard yogurt is good for that. Yogurt won't hurt you anyway if you can stand the aftertaste.

yes, bacteria will build up a restance to the antibiotics

I am not a doctor but that I know that taking an antibiotic is NOT good if you don't have an infection.

I work in the ER at a local hospital and so many times we see Doc's prescribe antibiotic's too often...people's bodies are becoming resistant to those antibiotics and when you need them to work for an infection they don't work!

yes they are...............

Honestly it shouldn't have happened.

First such a test should have been able to be done in office, I have never had to wait five days for a UTI analysis.

Second sometimes Docs get kickbacks for prescribing certain meds, hence over prescription of antibiotics etc.

When antibiotics are taken without the need for them or are not finished when needed this can cause antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria etc. I

f this is a common thing with your doc, I would switch, but that is just my opinion. A UTI is not life threatening and therefor antibiotics should have waited until the results were in. But I get the feeling that your doc is fleecing the insurance company. Again, no offense, just my humble opinion.

No, this will not harm you! It does however, make you a little broker. In your case, I would say the doctor ordered the antibiotic and wanted you to start taking it just in case there was an infection, they would get treatment going, so the infection didn't get any worse. You said the lab didn't call you for 5 days? See how much further advanced the infection could have gone if it had not had treatment started? 5 days is a long time for an infection to go on in your body without treatment!! The doctor was right in doing this!

first, i don't blame the doctor, with those symptoms urinary tract infections are common. depending on the clinic lab results can take a while to come back, and it is always better safe than sorry. Taking the antibiotic when you aren't infected won't really hurt you, but you did the right thing. Over time bacteria in your body can become resistant to antibiotics, so taking antibiotics when you don't need too could cause worse infections later on. always finish your antibiotics, never save them. But you did right since your urine culture was clean, and 5 days of bactrim is no big deal, you are fine.

because antibiotics like bactrim are pretty harmless to you, and most people who are having pain urinating dont want to wait 5 days to find out whether they have a UTI or not before they get any treatment. and most of the time, the person does have a UTI it just happened that you didnt this time

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