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Is pneumonia worse than flu (influenza) ?
easy question i hope

Yes, pneumonia can kill you. I've never heard of anyone dying from the flu, but if that's possible, pneumonia would kill you first. The flu is more like a really bad cold. Pneumonia is a lung infection.

The worst thing about pneumonia is that once you get it, it really NEVER goes away. My mother had it, and after that first time, yoiur resistance to it decreased as you age, and it always come back.

Pneumonia is a symptom just like the flu. They can be both caused by the influenza virus. However pneumonia has both viral and bacterial causes while the flu is usually associated with the influnenza virus. Sometimes initial (prodrome) infection of other viruses can present with flu-like symptoms such as the repiratory syncitial virus.

In pneumonia, there is damage to the cell lining the alveoli (air sacs). This causes it to be filled with fluid. Therefore the lungs ability to exchange gases is reduced. Unless treated, your body is starved of oxygen and you can die because of that.

Most definately

Yes, pneumonia is worse than the flu because a Flu is more like a virus, and there is a vaccine for it, pneumonia has a vaccine too but pneumonia sticks with you, once it gets in your system, and your not sick anymore, the pneumonia cells still are in you blood, and you can also die from pneumonia, i havent heard anybody dieing from the flu like somebody else said down the page...lol...

yes pneumonia is a way worse. pneumonia is where the alveoli (small air sacs in the lungs) become inflamed and full of fluid.
the flu can cause pneumonia if not treated properly.

Oh my goodness yes. Pneumonia is wayyy worse. I have it right now actually, going on 3 and a half weeks. Every time I breathe in or cough I feel like i'm getting stabbed in the chest. I can tell you better than all of these other people because I'm experiancing it as I type it to you! It is an infection in the lung making it hard to breathe, giving you shortness of breath, and overall icky feeling. I have remotely no energy and no strength. I've been on 2 different types of medicine to 'cure' the infection and it hurts so badly that I actually had to get pain pills perscribed so i could sleep better. I wake up 3 or 4 times a night in coughing fights that are so painful I scream in pain. yeah, so pneumonia is worse. I'd rather throw up for 3 days with the flu than everything else I'm dealing with. Does that answer your question? hope I helped.

oops, i'm off.

61,777 deaths to pneumonia
257 to influenza.

Although they are often linked.

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