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College Kid
Is it possible to get mumps even if you were vaccinated when you were a child?

Yes! New studies have shown that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine only lasts about 10 years.

MMR Vaccine is a viral vaccine againest measels , Mumps and rupula viruses and it gives a life long protection againest mumps and rupula without posters , BUT , if the vacine was not good at the time u recieve it , or ur immunity become weaker u may get mumps again , u have to go for a your Dr.

yes. The vaccine itself might infect you, or the vaccine might wear off.


Yes. Viruses change. You were vaccinated for a particular strain, and you can get mumps from a different enough strain.

This is why there are flu shots every year.

Doing the Right Thing
yes. it's rare, but sometimes the vaccine doesn't work.

yes there are diff strands the vaccination needs boosters after a while

No vaccine is 100% effective. Also, if u r exposed to a different strain of mumps than the one u were immunized against.
I know loads of people (including myslef)who have had mumps despite being immunized.
Mind u, immunisations are still pretty much essential.

yeah. on the Today show recently, they mentioned that young adults between the ages of 18 and 20-something, should get a second mumps shot. At the time they were given the shots, only one was given, but now the medics believe a second shot should be given as well.
also, other than that i think it can wear off or the disease can mutate and you can become suseptable to it again later in life.

Yes, it happened to a friend of mine recently. But it wasn't a bad case.

Eddie's Wife
yeap....sure can!

i need a vacation
Yes. The vaccination does not always work or it wears off.

Yes in the middle west many are getting mumps when they were vaccinated. Also chicken pox are going around and both there shots wear off.


Sure! Why not? Mumps are fun!


Yes, I have a friend who caught twice.

MR. Tumnus
Yes, the news the other day said that this is a different strand so people who got the vaccination could still get it.

yes I think so. Sometimes with some people the vaccine doesn't last a lifetime. When I was in the hospital after the birth of my last child, they tested me for all sorts of routine things. And said I didn't have resistance to measles,mumps, and rubella (MMR). My childhood shot wore off. So they gave me a booster. So, YES it is possible to get one of those if you're one of the people who's bodies didn't retain the immunization. I know there is a big outbreak in Iowa and the midwest. It would be best to go talk to a Dr. and see if you need a booster.

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