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 DO you actually know someone with?
AIDS, or cancer.

I do not know anyone who has cancer, or AIDS. I know of ONE person who died from colon cancer at age 31, but i did not know her before she died.

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im not talking bout aids though i mean like malariea
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but why isnt it so bad here ?
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I live in a concrete jungle in East L...

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 Is there a way you can tell some one has HIV by a something in there body or something else??
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 My friend has strep throat and we were sharing a drink all night and now I feel like I may be getting strep?
but I it doesnt hurt that bad yet. Would it be worth gonig to the doctor now or would they not even be able to tell until it gets worse?
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..This was Thursday we shared ...

 R u still gonna have turkey for christmas now it has bird flu?

 Question about fever?
i have a fever 101F and it keeps on increasing and i am really cold from the inside so how do i get my fever to go down?
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 If you accidentally drank boric acid would you die painfully?
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 How long will it be until you know you have the kissing disease?
A few days? Few weeks? Etc.
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Yeah, I mean mononucleosis. Haha, sorry....

 What is conjunctivitis?
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Is it okay to wash plastic forks and spoons and re use them?
What about plastic knives? What about paper plates and toothpicks. What about plastic straws and paper cups? I'm having a big picnic next week for people that have contageous diseases and I'm just wondering.

I wouldn't do the toothpicks, but I think everything else would be okay.

I wouldn't try to wash paper plates, toothpicks or straws. The rest would be fine

I would say washing the plastic knives/spoons/forks and reusing them is fine. But I wouldn't recommend reusing paper plates/cups, straws, or toothpicks. Even with the plastic knives/spoons/forks, I'd suggest reusing them another time and throwing them out, or if they are still in good condition, then use them another time.

Makes good environmental sense, mind you they can bend with the heat of the water they were washed in

one-two caps full of bleach to a sink full of water will sterilize the plastic, strews, ect. Do not reuse paper items, plastic items can be washed easily though. If the item is cracked, throw it away. Let these soak for about a minute then wash them off well. This is how I would sterilize our dishes when my son would get Strep Throat. Now I just use the dishwasher, but in your case you'll want the bleach. Also, you might wish to use plastic dish washing gloves to protect your hands from the bleach if you're sensitive to it.

You can also buy sterilizing tablet from different places. I think I've seen some at Sam's Warehouse, but not sure where else to get them. We used those at the daycare center when we had to hand wash dishes.

To be even safer I would highly recommend using new utensils. You can find them very cheaply at your local Dollar Tree or any store that sells all their items for $1.

Well, those items can hold germs even after being washed. Sometimes families wash and reuse them, but it is recommended in day cares and other places where unrelated people eat together that all of the above items are thrown away after use*

if it is just for you.

Just disinfect them. Then wash them. So they won't contaminate your plastic cutlery. Throw away the paper things straws and toothpicks

And try being more careful who you invite to your picnic next time.


We got ourselves a funny guy. Thanks for the points.

Your the one that has to wash them. They are safe but why? Gimme a break on paper plates,cups, and toothpicks, straws,that is going to far.

If you're gonna go to the trouble of washing disposable utensils why not just use regular flatware...much easier to sterilize. You didn't say what kind of contageous diseases.

Man you're a cheap skate. Just throw the **** out. A box of 500 plastic forks is like 3 bux.

throw out everything but the plastic forks knives and spoons...if you soak them in bleach and wash them you will have no problem

I feel you cannot re-use these. This would not be safe unless you wash them 100° ... better plastic ones and all you can throw after the use.

that's one of the funniest questions I have seen in a long time!! good one!

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