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Farrah S
Is it ok to double dose my 3 yr olds antibiotic medication, she missed one dose?

I would definately not double dose - its in his/her body anyway still most likely depending what antibiotic it is.

Lynette S
no....geez are you serious that could kill or seriously harm your child

karen s
no its not really a good idea. it just means she will finish after than when she is supposed to.

No, whilst I wouldn't panic if you have done so, I don't think it would do anything major at all, perhaps upset her tummy. You should just continue along with the next dose as usual and she will get it at the end of the cycle.

absolutly not! just wait til the next time she takes it. if you give too much it may be too strong for her body

no it can be damaging to her liver and kidneys so she give her the next dose and do as scheduled

Blaine W
no u could make her over dose and could seriously harm her

You should never double a dose, whether you are dealing with a child or an adult. Take 1 dose at the next scheduled time. Check with your doctor regarding the missed dose, and follow his/her instructions.

No, just take the next dose on time. Even antibiotics can make you sick if you take too much at one time.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Just wait until the next scheduled dose and pick up there. Hope your little one is feeling better!

No, don't worry about the missed one and just keep giving the prescribed amount until it's finished. Don't double dose it.

DO NOT double the dose. However, as soon as you realize you are late with a dose, give it. Use that as your new start time and give the next dose the prescribed time period after that.

You do not want to double the dose as people have stated above. However you also do not want the level of the antibiotic to drop below the therapeutic level. If you do, you will be promoting the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria which is getting to be a serious problem.

No. Dont double the next dose, just give it as normal. One missed dose wont matter too much but she could get sick from a double dose.

No just wait till the next scheduled dose time.

Just ask your doctor... if he/she's not avail. now (maybe it's the middle of the night where you are), call the local emergency room, maybe they can assist you with an answer.

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