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 My Friend is sick?
his eyes are swallon he said he has been sick for weeks now his head is warm his liver has mucas or some kind of dirt in his liver
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 My 4 year old has mumps?
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 HELP some1 i know cant stop coughing it started late on Friday 8th what can he do?

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is there anything he can do without seeing a doctor....

 I suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection), somebody help?
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 Need answer quick please?
what can you get from eating dried up bird poop?
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 What can I do for a soar throat?
I am a 4th grade teacher and I need to know what i can do to soothe a soar throat....Also, what can I do to prevent sickness throughout the school year?

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 Where does biohazard waste eventually end up?
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 Chicken pox. Can anyone sympathise?
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 Do you feel that people with Hiv/ Aids should have children?

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I am the proud father of an Hiv negative girl who is 18 months. Her mother is also positive and her birth has given life. I waited to add this so that all the ...

Is it normal to get sick 4 times in one month?
Is it normal to get sick i mean the last 3 times was throat and then this one is like the cold. I don't know maybe it never went away in the beginning any suggestions of what this may be?
Additional Details
Well from whatim hearing then i might just be weird...ive also been depressed and cold even when its really warm.

♥ hello_kitty_xoxo ♥
Yes it is . Most likely you just got attacked with a really bad cold and your immune system got low which made you voluble to the others you got . You can take a lot of vitamin c and zinc to help boost your immune system . Enchancia will also help to .

Misty Dawn
I don't know where you live, but here in Oklahoma the weather has been crazy! If you have had constant weather changes it is normal to get sick several times.

You may not have gotten rid of whatever it was the first time, and maybe it's not a cold but sinusitis. If you don't take antibiotics for a sinus infection it WILL NOT clear up and you could have it for a yr or more. See a Dr...(and yes your sinuses will affect your eyes, ears, throat and may cause you to have pneumonia)

James Bond
if they r different kind of sick, then it might be normal.

Where am I?
It seems like never really got rid of the germs and so they are growing back and making you feel sick again. Make sure eat healthy and get enough to drink, even a little more than the required 25 oz.
Make sure you get enough sleep and have a rested body, so you fully recover from it this time.

yes if your working for the fedrral goverment. and the pay plus perks arent bad either. they get so many sick, days per calendarr yearr.

it's possible it did not go away completely. If you were treated with antibiotics, you MUST finish them. If you don't the germs will come back even more stronger because even if you feel better they are not all gone. They can also build a resistance to the drug if not taken for the whole 10 days.
Another thing could be your resistance is LOW. Meaning you are extra tired or stressed or both. This lowers your resistance to fight infection more. Get more rest if you can, eat properly and maybe get some additional vitamin c for a few weeks.
have you been around a lot of others who have been sick? EACH cold germ is different. Once you get a cold from a particular germ you can never get it again. Each time you are exposed to a new one you may get it. That's why kids get sick more than adults. They haven't been exposed as yet to a bunch of them.(Littly ditty I thought may interest you)

rebecca m
probably because of stress but just to make sure i suggest you see your doctor because that isnt normal

do you smoke?

koolkidd. :]
its flu season. Very common! Especially if u work around kids or other people.

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