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 Why does Jesus let parents beat their children?
Jesus loves the little children

all the children of the world.

Jesus gives them heart defects

measles, mumps, and ringwormed necks.

Jesus loves the little ...

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 An injury that penetrates the skin would NOT cause which of the following?
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b. The mobilization of granulocytes from the yellow bone marrow

c. Activation of both the cellular and humoral branches of the immune system

 Is urinary tract infection is a big problem???????
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 How come u cant contract hiv from sharing a razor, but u can by sharing needles......?
Isnt the premise pretty much the same....
Additional Details
Isnt the premise pretty much the same if you cut yourself with a ...

 Cold Sores?
My mother in law, who has a cold sore, keeps kissing my baby son. I don't like it as I think he'll get a cold sore. Can anyone tell me the facts on if this is true or not?...

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 I shared a drink with my friend who had a coldsore and im terrified im going to get one please help!!!!!!!?
i shared a drink with my friend who had a coldsore the other week and also his girlfriend who does get coldsores too kept pecking me on the mouth (drunk and girly) they both get coldsores very ...

 If someone has a sore throat to the extend that they can only whisper...?
is it sensible to send them to high school the next ...

 Iwant to know the diagnosi of t fever?

 Killing bed bugs with normal pesticide?
Is it possible to kill bed bugs with normal pesticide? or do i have to use pesticide specially formulated for killing bed bugs?
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bed bugs feed on ur blood. not dead ...

 Why not spread disease?
I have 5 diseases . Two posssably 3 of these are contageous ,( one exists due to misdiagnosis by a doctor). I am told to not come in contact with others due to the posability of spreading the ...

 What is spinal meningitis and what can it do to a baby?

 I just kissed my girlfriend and she has a bad cold, what can i do to prevent getting this cold?

 What sickness or diagnoses could be these symptoms?
-feeling paralized
- fever that drops up and down
- throwing up
- dizziness
- cough
- headache...

the only thing that comes to mind is dehydration or the flu...any ...

Jim H
Is it illegal to say a herb cures a decease in the US.?

You can say whatever you want, but if you market it, you have to make everyone aware that the FDA hasn't tested it.

Sehr_Klug 50
Nope, sayng anything about pot, or other illegal substance is NOT illegal in this country.
The problem would be, tht you advertise such a drug for selling, or promoting its consumption.....
That would be gravely illegal...
However even for recomending a drug "X" to anybody, you have to base your say on scientifical facts (at the moment, that is quite a bit impossible)

It is not illegal to merely claim this. It is illegal to claim this and sell the herb based on a false claim. A false claim would be that there is no scientific and/or medical evidence to support the claim or that the claim is not generally accepted by the medical/scientific community.

YES! 2001 law statute! (can't remember the cause number)
But yes, it is unlawful to state cure alls with herbs in the U.S.

It's illegal to market it that way unless you can provide proof to back up your claim.

I believe you can say it (first amendment) but you can't sell them and make the claim. That's how the two time fellon Kevin Trudeau gets away with selling his books "Cures they don't want you to know about"

♪ pepperkittyn ♪
No, it's not illegal unless you market it without proof to back up your claim.

They will fight tooth and nail over that, though, because herbs are a FAR less profitable business to the pharmaceutical agencies.

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