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Is The Temp. 101.1 Bad? My Temp. Is Riseing it was 100.1?
My Age is 13. should i stay home from school?
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My Mom is so... Dumb! She's making me go to school still

are you having any other symptoms like sore throat or ear aches or trouble going to the bathroom. then take some tylenol and go to school.

Ummm....if you have any brains at all, you know that "normal" is 98.6....some people run higher some run lower. My personal "normal" temp is somewhere around 96.9 or so. Therefore, when I have a temp of 100.1 or 101.1, I have a fever. Sounds like you're just looking for an excuse to stay home from school. What happened? A test you didn't study for?

Any fever means you have an infection so go to bed and drink plenty of fluids and make one of those orange juice.
Take a vitamin C and you should still be at home. Tell your parents.

You really shouldn't go to school tomorrow. If thats your temperature and it is rising, I would suggest that you stay home and get some rest, but then again my dad is like your mom.

Maybe you should go... attending health class may help you in the future. You clearly haven't been to one yet

Ex to da G Nomb
If it keeps going up, yeh. a normal temp. is 98f.

Delores H
yes thats high go to the doc asap

If your temp keeps raising you may need to go see a doctor. YOu might have the flu or some other viral infection going on. Have you told your parents? Have they given you some tylenol or motrin? Try taking a temped bath that may help to lower your temp.

I suggest staying home from school. You body is either fighting off a virus or infection. Let the fever run its course as that is your bodys way of fighting off the infection. If it gets too high like 104 then I suggest taking some fever reliever.

Yes - you should go to the doctors or a medical center. Have you talked to your parents - do they know what's going on? Please find out why you have a high temperature (may be sign of some type of infection). I hope you feel better soon!!

Ask your parents, but ultimately, yes, you should stay home from school if you have a 101.1 fever. If you went, you would feel horrible all day and not obsorb anything in class. Give your body time to recharge because you are obviously sick, once it reaches 99 degrees, I'd say go back to school.

Where are your parents? You need to tell them you have a fever, isn't there anyone to take care of you?

at 101.5 yes you should stay home from school, you don't want to get others sick and you probably won't be much good in class.. At 103.0 you need to call a doctor/nurse and ask if you should get to the doctor or just find ways to get it down. If i remember correctly even 103 is ok if it doesn't go more than a day or two. Once it's that high its usually about to peak and break.

R.I.P Casey Calvert!
Yes. Anything over 100. I have the same thing except I only have a slight temperature. Drink plenty of liquids and get lots of sleep.

Feel better soon!

try taking paracetamol. Its a anti pyretic. so it should help keep your temp down a littlee Drink lots of fluids, and rest. If it gets any higher, prob best to see a doc to find out the cause!

Yes, and take a coldish shower or bath and put some cold wash cloths on your forehead and DEFINITELY take some fever reducer. That could get dangerous.

101.5 is considered a fever in a healthy person, but you should probably not go to school. Do what the others said, drink lots of fluids, no soda! Fevers dehydrate you enough, dont need the caffiene to add to it.

Gabriella M
its starting to get to high. if it goes any higher than 101.5 you should go to the doctor.

Probably, maybe call your doctor. Your body is fighting a virus or something germy like that. Get lots of rest and drink your chicken noodle soup!

Definetly stay home if you have a fever! If you hit 102 I would go to a doctor. Make sure your parents know so they can keep an eye on you. Drink lots of fluid and chicken noodle soup and stay in bed or on the couch all day to recup.

Yes love, please stay home from school. What are ur symptoms? Does ur Mum know ur not feeling well? A temperature higher than 101 should definitely be checked out. 98.6 (37 centigrade) is the average body temp and any higher could cause problems. Please let someone know how ur feeling. If ur parents aren't there then see if u can find someone who will sit with u. Staying at home alone is not a good idea if ur ill, love.
Good luck and I hope u feel better soon.

Anytime the temp gets around 100 it can be serious! Let your parents know about it NOW!!

Michael B
yes buy 104 you should be in the hospital

J. W. H
a temperature of anything over 98 degrees is a symptom of illness.. a low grade fever of 99 to 101 is just that.. low grade.. it means that something is going on in your body and it is trying to fight it off.. if the temperature rises over 102.. it is not low grade anymore and is a symptom of something worse that lets say a mild sore throat.. a sustained fever is not something to fool around with.. check with a doctor.. or the school nurse.. good luck

Think you need to see a doctor young lady. your temp should not keep on rising.

if it's ever 100 or higher, you should stay home. Get rest, drink fluids, all that stuff=]]

Doug B
you should probably talk to your parents and see if you should go to the doctor

that is what mine was doing... im sick... :( and i stayed home from school... i actually have step throat...

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