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uh, I'm ...

Ashley B
If you take your temperature and its like 94.7 whts that mean?
is that bad
whats the opposite of a fever?

it means that you're normal. folks who metabolize quickly often have lower temps.

The three things I'm aware of (there may be many more, I'm not a doctor) that could cause such a low reading: 1) Inaccurate thermometer; try another one, or get fresh batteries if it's digital. 2) Severe hypothyroidism (low functioning thyroid, which regulates body temperature); and/or 3) Adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. If another known good thermometer measures low (98.6 is 'normal') on two or three days in a row (measure after your day has started and you've become active), find a physician with expertise in treating both thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and get in for an evaluation.

rn f
if you are shivering, get WARM. blankets and drink something hot. if not shivering, GO TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATLY. someone at my camp had a 94 temp and was ok, but stayed in the infirmary all day for pretty much 3 weeks

Steve R
If you are not feeling any symptoms then it's not bad. Do you know what your normal temperature is? The average is 98.6 but that's just an average. Some people are lower and some are higher.

you are too week - need some good food

That's cold. Cold sweat?

Jamila W
Are you eating enough? I know that when a person does not eat, their temperatures go down. This is a symptom of anorexia. Also not getting enough protein and fat in your diet can cause low temperature like vegans.

the crusader
It means that you are suffering from hypothermia. You really should see a doctor.

MSC Lieu
Yes, having a temperature too low is bad. Take it again. If it reads the same, you should bundle yourself up and have a hot drink (milk, tea, coffee, cocoa) and take it again in about 30 minutes. If it hasn't gone up, check your thermometer if you are not shivering. If you are shivering and wrapping up in blankets and drinking warm drinks doesn't increase the temperature, then you should take a warm to hot shower or bath. If that still doesn't do it, then you need to see a doctor. You could be going into hypothermia (when the body is less than 95 degrees F), which is deadly.

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